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  1. Sums it up perfectly ... the sheeple are controlled by the media and what other people do!
  2. Once again ... savers are being screwed over to bail out the indebted and the foolish! I will invest my £50K abroad ...... so they can stick their inflation where the sun don't shine
  3. I think I just heard 20,000 estate agents shitting themselves simultaneously
  4. T'was caused by the snow in Jan/Feb, the volcanic ash, the hot weather in April, the World Cup, Raoul Moat, and that gunman from Cumbria. Can't you see all that pent-up demand? :angry: ... ah ********.... all I can see is pent-up fear and a rush to sell houses ...... BRING IT ON!
  5. He should question why she married him in the first place. Sounds a bit "quid pro quo", if you know what I mean! "What can you do for me? :angry:"
  6. It was the snow, the volcanic ash, the sunny period in April, the World Cup, Swine Flu, SARS, y2k bug ... basically anything they can blame it on
  7. Are the police involved? Good luck to her if she pursues the scrote for assaulting her. The police are quite soft on assaults .... he may only get a caution ....
  8. Can somebody please tell the VIs within the BBC that Labour is no longer in power ....... they can stop being so damned blatant!
  9. Degrees are largely worthless, unless you went to one of the premier institutions Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce a new term to you: EDUCONOMY The UK's HE institutions employ hundreds of thousands of people (lecturers, backroom staff, etc etc). They also keep hundreds of thousands of people employed indirectly e.g. book publishers, stationery suppliers, BTL types who rely on students etc. On top of that, the UK Educonomy keeps millions of students off the unemployment list! The UK doesn't need 200,000 graduates every year! The vast majority of jobs are non-graduate. All of those hours spent in lecture rooms, seminars etc are worthless ... employers only care for ONE thing: experience! The UK has call centres full of graduates (£12K?), graduates working as admin officers (£12K?) etc etc. If I was paranoid I would say that millions of graduates have been sold a lie .. and recent graduates will have massive debts over their heads! Government mouthpieces always say the following: ********!
  10. So .. after the previous administration spent BILLIONS propping the market up ... this is the result?!
  11. Ah ... The Great UK Graduate Scam. I want to explode when I hear government mouthpieces being interviewed about tuition fees: ... tell that to the recent graduates working in coffee houses and in factories earning £11K! Tell that to the recent graduates who are working in call centres earning £13K. I feel so sorry for these people ... the fees are quite ridiculous when you look at the REAL prospects they have! The UK doesn't need 200,000 graduates every year ... and anyone who disagrees needs to answer one question: WHY are companies suddenly adding the word "Graduate" to job titles? It's a scam! Employers are taking advantage of the skills that graduates have, but the wages are exactly the same as before! The UK EDUCONOMY: The UK Higher Edumacation system directly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, and millions of jobs indirectly ..... it cannot be allowed to fail!
  12. Clubs ... I have never really understood the mindset around clubbing. Get drunk, randomly get off with people, the occasional fight, deafening music ... IMHO a bit hollow .... .
  13. Buying a house with a "partner" is a bit of a risk. They can bugger off at any time .....
  14. Labour POURED BILLIONS into propping house prices up ... and this is the PATHETIC result?! It gave Liebour a few months of HPI and then a return to deflation (after the election) .... thank God they didn't get back in!
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1283742/House-prices-peaked-fall-rest-year-HIPs-axe-encourages-flood-new-homes-market.html Maybe The Mail and The Express aren't joined at the hip ..... after all!
  16. Sounds like cherry picking to me! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_picking
  17. I think The Wilsons are getting ready to blow the entrance to their mineshaft .....
  18. The BTL "second property" types are out in force! I never knew there were so many people hell-bent on profiting from homes.....
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