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  1. This is a perfect example of employers being very short-sighted! Youths can't get work because..... nobody wants to employ an inexperienced person. Need money? ... BORROW! Saving is bad! Need an employee? ... get one "off the shelf" with experience! Don't bother with a person who is desperate to prove themselves ... sod them!
  2. The current person is a bit delusional .... probably an EA .....
  3. From £190,000 to £185,000 ... whoopee . Come on Sue, yer div! "We're not prepared to lower our price ...we've got schools and everything. " If the average is £220,000 then this country is completely insane!
  4. £25,000 off asking price?! It's still £50,000 overpriced! The VI says that prices won't go down .... "too much invested in bricks n'mortar " I reckon there will be trouble in t'mill when he sees negative equity!
  5. So ... it isn't house prices being too high ... it's "Mortgage Affordability" ...
  6. Ah ... I remember Oswestry from August 2008. A man killed his wife and daughter, and then committed suicide in the flaming remains of Osbaston House, Oswestry. He was up to his eyeballs in debt (mortgage etc). In some ways Osbaston House marked the beginning of this sorry saga ... debt is not wealth
  7. What a quality paper: "Ethnics"? That must be the mindset of the average Express reader ....
  8. It is quite obvious that there are major stakeholders within the Express. Disgusting, vile, wretched individuals. They are everything I hate about the UK .....
  9. The Express have got their villains: Are we really in the 21st Century?
  10. Lies, damned lies, and journalism Journalists are so politically and financially biased ..... you can't believe a word they write.
  11. Desperate times .... Why doesn't he recommend putting some "twigs in a vase"? ... I hear it adds £20,000 to the value
  12. During Labour's "reign of shite", the BBC was infiltrated by numerous pro-Lab types .... They are the second-worst VIs in the industry, behind The Express!
  13. I can't go into details for legal reasons, but let's just say that there are "incentives" for hospitals etc to use X amount of drugs. I know somebody who works on a ward. There are a number of morphine addicts that visit the ward every few months. They have NO illness, other than addiction. They spend WEEKS in hospital, just to get their fix! The patients/addicts BEG the nurses to give them IV morphine ... and I mean BEG. They are wasting taxpayers money with their addiction ... why should hospital wards deal with them? These bloody addicts need to be on a psychiatric ward, and not on a general ward!
  14. Thank God Liebour have gone .... they used fear to get their laws implemented! The Gary Glitter types will always find a way around the system, just like credit card fraudsters do! If you don't support him, then you are a terrorist paedophile rapist woman-beater! :angry:
  15. I have uploaded the green paper ..... I should work for WikiLeaks:
  16. It's good to know that Liebour spent our money wisely during the "nice period" ...... so that we can survive the rainy days .......
  17. I hate car dealers. Two faced, slimy, lying turds!
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