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  1. Good article. I am beginning to detest the MPC for their irresponsible IR policy.
  2. The plight of the modern graduate: 200,000 NEW graduates every year ... fighting for a few thousand graduate jobs! How many of them will end up in Starbucks and Maccy D's? I've seen 2.1 graduates in "battery hen" style call centres ..... As somebody mentioned earlier, Unis are money motivated. I enquired about doing a postgrad course ... and the university sent me a brochure that was comparable to a CAR BROCHURE!
  3. +1 Foreign I.T. people are prepared to work for £1.30 per hour ... and the same worker in the UK wants £15 per hour?!! . Our wages are going down ..... it's part of the globalization thing
  4. According to Radio 5: Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase) will reveal very poor profits today. Nicky Campbell said that the housing market has "recovered" ... and Argos "should" be doing OK. His guest said that the market was "dire" .... who's telling the truth?
  5. Recruitment agencies are not to be trusted IMHO. They are interested in targets and commission ... that's all! Adverts for "Recruitment Specialists" are always the same: .They are very similar to their EA cousins
  6. There is an independent Alfa dealer in my area. Up until 2009 he always had 20-25 cars in stock, but in recent months that number has been reducing .... he only has 12 now . You're not alone!
  7. Let me remind everyone: "Recently", a certain paper tried to MANIPULATE the minds of its readership. The Nationwide report followed a short time afterwards. Someone is trying to protect their portfolio ...... Anyone who tries to manipulate the housing market via their newspapers and TV programmes should be jailed .. it's immoral and very selfish!
  8. A few days ago, The Daily %@$%*were tipped off by their VI friends within the industry ... they knew it was coming! They were trying to counter the Nationwide drops! Anyone who tries to manipulate the housing market via their newspapers and TV programmes should be jailed .. it's immoral and very selfish! Full Steam Ahead
  9. These people are making a rod for their backs. Anyone who says "You can't go wrong with bricks and mortar" should be shot!
  10. Their definition of "affluent" is hilarious ..... £30K and you're affluent?! DM at its very best/worst!
  11. The ones in my area are bloody liars .. and very sly! They hand out leaflets and sneakily give you a copy of The Watchtower. They also claim that they've visited your house before ... ******ing liars! Oh ... and their predictions are crap .... they expected the World to end 94 years ago ....
  12. £55,000?!? . Back in 1992 you could buy a THREE BED SEMI for £60,000 ..... what an absolute ripoff this country has become, and the punters keep coming
  13. The benefits culture in this country encourages dishonesty, laziness, and irresponsible lifestyles. The redhead "woman" in that second article should be forced to pay back her debt, for as long as she lives. £60,000 of credit card debt?! This country is too soft on criminals like her. Let me get this straight: £60,000 of her debts are going to paid off by the taxpayer, but if I refused to pay my council tax ... I go to prison?! The benefits culture and the housing bubble have destroyed this country .
  14. It will only get worse IMHO. Re: petrol: nobody is forced to drive at 80-90mph on motorways/dual carriageways. Your fuel consumption increases rapidly at those speeds. Most people drive on motorways like their **** is on fire!
  15. It's about time as well! The bubble is about to burst ..... once and for all!
  16. My savings are currently making 3/8ths of ****** all. I have my eyes on foreign investments, because this country is a Basket Case. UK (deceased) punishes the prudent and cossets the materialistic.
  17. I agree ... it is outrageous . A few months ago I wanted to travel to Up North. I looked at the rail fares, but then I realised it would be cheaper to fill the car up with petrol, AND buy a satnav ... and still save £60
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