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  1. The Great Unimerversity Scam. It employs/occupies millions of people. Graduates get a debased piece of paper from a degree factory. I know people with 2.1. and 1st class degrees who have struggled to find ANY employment. It has been IMHO one of the biggest cons of the past twenty years (it's up there with the housing ponzi scheme). This country doesn't need 1/5th of a MILLION new graduates every year!! Tens of thousands of graduates are now working as call centre operatives, shop assistants, admins, data entry clerks, factory operatives, etc etc Many students don't attend university for the LOVE of their subject. In your average lecture, 70% of students are only there because they HAVE to be there. Discussion seminars are so quiet you can hear a pin drop ..... nobody gives a shit about the subject. Most universities are worthless IMHO.
  2. http://www.mailwatch.co.uk/2010/08/28/is-england-the-most-crowded-country-in-europe/ The Fail should be taken to court over their immigration stories ... IMHO.
  3. I think the cost base is a good excuse to cut house prices by half
  4. What really saddens me is the narrow minded attitude toward inexperienced candidates. Vast numbers of vacancies are no go areas for the inexperienced. As for the public sector being "equal opportunities" ... . I know someone who got a job in the police. It was an internal vacancy. The police force deny having internal vacancies! As they say: it isn't what you know .....
  5. ITN News said something along the lines of: The sales numbers are so low that they aren't statistically significant. There is a significant reason behind these low figures .. they reveal a fundamental change in the SYSTEM. Very few people can get mortgages because: 1) Banks are no longer taking massive risks with huge mortgages ... they were bitten in 2007 ... remember that? 2) The government has run out of money to prop the market. 3) People are in fear of their jobs ... who would risk a long-term investment now? 4) Unemployment is high, with very few new jobs being created. 5) People are running out of money. There are thousands of "Middle Class" people with nice cars and houses ... but no food on the table. Don't believe me? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11427207 The stats are trying to tell the VIs .... we are in deep shit! The housing market is out of kilter with reality: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/imf-warns-of-double-dip-in-housing-market-2099869.html
  6. House prices would enter freefall with an IR increase
  7. WTF ..... I wasn't expecting anything like 3.6%. In fact, I was expecting a small rise
  8. The Conservatives don't appear to be in tune with the state of UK society ... i.e. a ******ing mess. In his big speech today, Our Dave wanted the people of the UK to work in unison in these difficult times. Well ... he's in for a shock. UK society lacks cohesion. Remember the winter snow? How many communites got together to clear the snow in their streets? Very few . There is no community spirit ... neighbours don't know each other. Back in the olden days (pre 2000s), neighbours knew each other's names. Now everyone has 8ft fences around their gardens. Nowadays there are petty disputes that involve fighting, police intervention, bricks through windows, dents in car bodywork etc etc. Our Dave's plans won't work ... most people are in this together FOR THEMSELVES, or their clique
  9. Thanks to the manipulative, immoral policy of a certain bank
  10. The cap is still too bloody high! £500 a week for doing 3/8ths of f#ck all?!?! .... EASY LIFE ... where do I sign up? . The BBC has obviously covered the story. Here is one indebted commentator: Benefits Britain needs a swift kick up the ****
  11. The UK Educonomy has peaked. You should only go to univerisity IF your career choice demands a degree in a particular subject. Even then .... there are 200,000 new graduates every year ... is it worth the hassle? The UK Educonomy supports the lives of over a million people ... but we don't need 200,000 graduates per year ... madness!
  12. It's quite ridiculous, isn't it? . I tried to get into IT a few years ago. Virtually all of the job vacancies required years of experience ... entry level jobs were virtually unheard of. However ... there were lots of "Training" companies trying to sell me £2,000 courses .. just to be a CCNA with no real experience . The education system in this country is a big Ponzi scheme.
  13. If the Bank of Idiots continue with this policy I will invest my savings abroad .... they can stick it !!
  14. What about all the LAW graduates? There are law graduates coming out of this country's ears ... how many are really needed? The Educonomy is a very substantial beast! It employs/occupies millions of people ... without it there would be many more unemployed. The system is a scam IMHO ..... soon everyone and their pet tortoise will have a BA/BSc Hons. How many people use their degree title after their name e.g. Joe Bloggs (BA Hons)?
  15. They are propping everything up with £15 billion of taxpayers money ... every month. Take that away and ... . The party has got to end .... the MPC's IR policy is pretty bloody outrageous IMHO ... that's another reason the party is still going on
  16. I haven't used Blockbuster since ..... 1995 . The writing was on the wall when DVDs, the internet, P2P, and YouTube arrived! I remember seeing a branch a few months ago ... I could not believe they were still in business!
  17. In my area ... there are loads of commercial units available .... 10,000sq ft units, entire office blocks (75-100ft tall), industrial units, empty shops. This applies to virtually every town in the area! The owners of these properties must be in deep financial trouble ....
  18. It's been like this for years. This country doesn't need 100s of thousands of grads every year. It's a scam: These people are part of the UK "Educonomy". The Educonomy supports millions of jobs directly and indirectly.
  19. The UK education system is full of CHEATING and dumbing down! I've seen it with my own eyes. Students openly cheat at college and university. The staff encourage it! I can't go into details for legal reasons, but I'll say this: College tutors HELP their entire class during assignments, to the point of actually doing the work for the students! Conferring during assignments is normal ... the ultimate piss take! College courses are farcical .... there is so much cheating .. and the staff don't give a shit/participate in the cheating! During one assignment at a different college, the staff were hands-on with students, and gave everyone cheat sheets etc etc ..... When I was a student at uni, half of my class were caught cheating. They had copied and pasted the computer code from another student .... what are the chances of fifteen students writing identical code???!!! The head of faculty read out their names at the beginning of a lecture .. it was like a roll-call! None of them were punished ..... it would have made a great newspaper story! Cheating is rife in education ..... I have lost faith in it
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