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  1. Just look at these Foxtons pics: http://www.flickr.com/groups/foxtonscockmobiles/pool/ Cocks? That's far too polite for these people NSFW (Not Suitable For Work): http://www.flickr.com/photos/bixentro/2288558846/
  2. Gordon Brown will continue to blame global issues ..... that's all he can ever say . He may be able to fool some, but not me! How much is the total tax on petrol these days? 70% ?! Countries like Qatar, Venezuela and other parts of the Americas are currently charging less than 30p PER LITRE. Don't let the door hit your **** on the way out, Gordon.
  3. What a muppet. Let's see how the London market fares in 2008 ...
  4. Mobile phone "sales-slime" only think of commission. Britons spend BILLIONS on unnecessary contracts, just to have "the latest model". They are being absolutely screwed over by contracts that I wouldn't use for toilet paper! .
  5. Exactly . The whole plan is flawed. The public sector is full of overpaid "managers", who faff around all day!* Want to work from home? No problem! Can't be arsed to come into the office today, even if it inconveniences your colleagues? Again, no problem! Want to sit around having pointless meetings about how to suck oranges? No Problemo! Want to go on "sick leave" for months at a time? Easy! Most of your colleagues will be doing the same thing! Congratulations! You are eligible to become a middle manager in the public sector (* Not all public sector managers are like this, but I have seen MANY who fit the bill)
  6. OK ... I got carried away with a little hyperbole
  7. There's a recently closed Estate Agent in my area .... now where's my camera
  8. The IT sector is a bag of xxxxxxx anyway! There are scant "entry level" IT jobs these days, as IT companies only care for experience. It's good to see that the IT sector is supporting fresh local talent . A couple of my acquaintances were unemployed for MONTHS, as the IT sector is flooded with applicants!
  9. They're getting desperate. Surely, nobody is stupid enough to believe that rubbish!?!?
  10. Hi I'm a young male in the South-East of England, observing the spectacular crash of the shameful UK house price bubble, which has been part of the current administration's Debt Culture! I have NO intention of buying a house at these cloud-cuckoo-land prices! £250,000 should buy you a decent sized house, and not just a semi-detached BOX apartment in a crime-ridden area!
  11. Another set of "Executive Suites" bite the dust . I've seen several "new developments" on my travels recently, but who will buy these tiny apartments? By the end of 2009, the sky will be black, from the burning "Executive Apartments" that have "mysteriously" set themselves on fire ..... it will be like the Kuwaiti Oil Fields in 1991
  12. You can smell the fear in the housing market! I live in SE UK, and I've never seen so many "For Sale" signs appearing in a two month period! A few of my neighbours are trying to sell their properties for ridiculous prices, and they are well and truly STAYING put . They've missed the boat! Virtually nobody has the urge to buy property. There are other signs of trouble in my area: 1) A large (and very famous) estate agency closed its local office recently. No, they weren't relocating! 2) A village shop closed last year, and has been "on the market" since August .... 3) I spoke to a chartered surveyor who is based in Kent. He said that the number of surveys has dropped off dramatically since October '07. I can't wait to see prices crash. One of my friends is 38, and lives in Bristol. He earns £35,000pa, BUT .... he can only afford a crappy 2-bedroom flat in a ROUGH part of the city (£250,000!!!!!). Some people have been working in the public sector for decades, have reached the peak of their earnings, and cannot afford to buy a house! Over the past five years, this country has become ludicrously obsessed with house prices. The BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are all guilty of perpetuating the house price obsession. Let's be honest - a £250,000 house is probably worth £100,000 in REAL money, and not this inflated cloud-cuckoo-land currency that the housing market uses
  13. A couple of years ago, when I was earning FECK ALL (£13,000), I was amassing approximately £1000 in debt every year. I didn't drink much, smoke ciggies, or go on holidays . Earning less than £16,000 is going to be a struggle in this wretched, tax-crazy island.
  14. Crime has fallen due to the manipulation of stats. The police have the choice of whether to prosecute criminals, or just caution them. A simple caution will do wonders for the police/gov't stats, even though it makes things worse in the long run Last year I witnessed a loved one being assaulted. It took the police THREE WEEKS to arrest the man, even though they knew who he was! They let him off with a caution . If somebody breaks into your house, and you as much as break their fingernail, YOU are in trouble. The intruder will sue you for assault ... the whole system is a farce!
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