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  1. I'm glad that Mervyn "Due Diligence" King is on the case ... Are we back in the 1970s or something?
  2. They want us to generate electricity while we work .... :angry:
  3. There are too many graduates in most subjects. They are propping up the educonomy, and indebting themselves for many years to come. It's ain't worth it: everybody and their brother has a degree these days! There are 200,000 NEW graduates every year, but how many graduate vacancies are there>? 10,000? 20,000 (including "graduate call centre executives" and "graduate administrators" )???!! It's a farce. In the late 90s,there was a TV programme about science graduates ... many of whom were stuck in £3.50/hour jobs! There are too many graduates, and it has been that way for over a decade .....
  4. I HOPE that I win the lottery. I HOPE that it will be sunny today. I hope that I reach the age of 100 in good health. I hope these people don't have a conscience ... These people are fools . NOBODY is going to take up the slack ...
  5. I don't even watch TV anymore .. such a waste of time
  6. The problem is, meritocracy doesn't really exist ( ). Nepotism, favouritism, and several other "isms" are too deep rooted in society for meritocracy to work. People will always give jobs to friends, relatives, and those who are similar, both in behaviour and physical appearance. In other words, people gain advantages based on unfair criteria ... it will never change
  7. This is slightly O/T but...... As part of the "equal opportunities" laws, police job vacancies must be advertised externally. A police force "south of London" had internal vacancies that were not advertised externally. I should know .... a few years ago I was looking for a job, and I visited the police force's website almost daily. I found nothing that suited me. However .... my ex colleague managed to find a job with the same police force. His qualifications and experience were identical to mine. I asked him about the job, and he said: To say this boiled my piss is an understatement. I contacted the police force about internal vacancies, and they denied having ANY .... this is complete ********. It isn't what you know .... it's WHO you know ....
  8. "Star" of a programme that GLORIFIES selfishness, lies, and everything bad about human nature. And as for his "punishment" ... ******ing laughable. The UK is a joke ..
  9. I hate The Express. There must be a lot of brainless sheep out there ..........
  10. T#chnica are crap IMHO. Their "products" are the most puzzling things I have ever used . Menus should display for more than four seconds .... is that asking too much from a design team? :angry:
  11. The rag is owned by a property investor .... a conflict of interest? Never. The Daily Shower is for the hard of thinking. MAKE EM ANGRY! MAKE EM FEEL GOOD! No wonder mental illness is so common these days!
  12. Connie should read this section of the Bible: "The rich rule over the poor, and the BORROWER is SERVANT to THE LENDER". A mortgage is a massive gamble ... mortgagees assume that everything will remain stable for twenty years or more. A financial disaster threatens the western world and they shout: "IT'S THE END!!! THE END!! WE'RE DOOMED ". If the same event was restricted to Asia or the third world ..... "oh dear, never mind". A few thousand people died in 9/11 and the event was labelled the END of the world .... nine years later .. Hundreds of thousands of people die in various disasters in Asia and the third world ..... "When is the X Factor on?"
  13. QE worked ... but we have massive cuts looming. Unemployment, wage reductions, underemployment, banks not willing to take risks .... there has never been a better time to rent
  14. She will start rattling on about "mortgage affordability" and the need for a "stamp duty holiday"
  15. I hope Recruitment Agencies will join that list. I had the misfortune of using them in the past .... I think it's fair to say that most of them are rubbish . Half-arsed adverts, forced smiles, and a lack of attention to detail - they are nothing more than CV collectors! I'm sure there are exceptions ...
  16. When employment reduces by 0.1% "Employment Falls" When House Prices fall by 3.6% "House Prices Ease" ????
  17. I believe that they encourage motorists to lie, because they can take your money and refuse to pay out. They will try their damndest to avoid paying out ... even when you are telling the absolute truth.
  18. Yes, lovely place isn't it Lots of cars with smashed rear ends, though.
  19. Motor Accident Lawyers have LOYALTY CARDS!. If you have the misfortune of using a claims lawyer, they will send you a Loyalty Card ... in the hope that you recommend them to a friend! .... what could possibly go wrong with compensation culture? ... The motor insurance system is another massive UK scam: Force motorists to pay for insurance .. then add VAT and Insurance Premium Tax. The government gets hundreds of millions of pounds in tax every year. P.S. If you need to replace your windscreen: "Don't Worry ... it's normally free of charge if you're fully comp ... and then we pass your personal details onto market research companies " AutoArse repair ... AutoArse Replace
  20. In recent years, mobile phones have disrupted lectures millions of times! Nobody gives a shit anymore .....
  21. It's outrageous. This is the generation of broken dreams
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