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  1. There is a lot of fraud and dishonesty in the education system, and it's not just the students. The staff in some educational establishments are so corrupt and fraudulent you wouldn't believe!! I gave up on the education system a long time ago ... their qualifications are worthless.

    As I've mentioned before ... the UK education system is really a means for people to make money out of the aspirations of others. The UK Educonomy supports many thousands of jobs (directly and indirectly) ... and reduces the number of unemployed. It is a massive lie.

  2. This country has deluded itself. In the early days of the current financial crisis, the BBC avoided the 'R word' and used 'downturn' instead. We now have a situation where politicians, financial 'experts' and the media avoid all reference to house prices - it certainly makes it easy to spot the liars, and those with vested interests in property! Examples:

    Politicians jump on the 'mortgage affordability' bandwagon because it appeases their voters .... and their BTL portfolios! Bloody liars!

    'Experts' are wheeled out by the mainstream media to peddle lies. "The problem is the lack of affordable mortgages". No, you mendacious piece of crap ...exorbitant property values are THE problem ... expanding mortgage borrowing caused this mess in the first place!

    This is what happens when a country's economy is no longer productive .... relies on inflating property values ... and printing money!

  3. Oh ... The Great Educonomy Swindle! :lol:

    What is The Educonomy? Answer: Hundreds of thousands of economically-inactive people, supporting an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of other people ... both directly and indirectly. The problem is, the UK doesn't need many graduates. The usual people get wheeled out on TV ... saying that graduates are better off ... using stats that pre-date the recession* !

    The Educonomy does the following:

    1) Removes hundreds of thousands of people from the unemployment list!

    2) It directly employs tens of thousands of lecturers, misc teaching staff, post grads, back office staff, catering staff, sites staff, drivers, student support staff, etc

    3) It indirectly employs: BTL landlords (student accomodation), stationery suppliers, book publishers, printing companies, fax/telecomms/photocopying companies, furniture companies, IT equipment suppliers, misc local businesses, etc

    The UK educonomy is bloated and needs to be trimmed (much like other parts of the public sector!), but it would SHATTER the illusions/delusions of MILLIONS! If the government let this industry "adjust", we would see rioting on the streets :o

    Basically, this country is f :o cked. Let's not talk about the monumental amount of CHEATING that goes on in colleges and unis! I've seen it first hand ... some institutions give you the examination papers MONTHS in advance, or help you during your assessments ..... targets must be met! :rolleyes:

    (* This is a technical recession. The boom years (2000-2007) were completely unsustainable, and we shouldn't aspire to those days. We are now returning to a sustainable level. The process has barely begun!)

  4. Having children "validates someone's existence" just as much as being born or dying does. In fact I would say it is the most significant thing someone can do in their life and that until you have had them you do not fully exist.

    You have got to be shitting us, right? :blink:. Where does that leave couples who cannot have children? Childbirth doesn't justify one's existence ..... too many people have children for all the wrong reasons

  5. This country is bordering on obsessive over immigration. Want to blame something? ... blame immigrants!

    Honestly, if we look at immigration figures OBJECTIVELY, this country isn't being swamped like the Mail and Express are telling us:

    Net migration rate in the UK: 2.16 (per 1,000 of the population) - World Ranking: 48th!

    Population growth rate (%): 0.28% - World Ranking: 186th!


    I have no problem with stringent rules on immigration .... I just don't like the Folk Devil mindset in the UK.

  6. Back in the day, when people feared God, there was more respect for other human beings. Narcissism, selfishness, and a lack of self control are connected to godless societies. I believe the death of religion is directly connected to the death of social cohesion. Count the number of children who were murdered by their parents in the past twelve months, and then see if the parents were married, or just "partners" ...

  7. He's right :)

    Back in 2006, my piss was boiling. I was sick of the Faux Middle Class boasting about property prices, their "wealth", and their vile optimism about making even more money .... for nothing :angry:. ITN News presenters almost glowed with smugness over house price gains. I knew something would give ......

    The UK economy is built on debt ... make no mistake. The previous administration allowed things to get out of control.


    — n

    the tendency to focus attention on short-term gains, often at the expense of long-term success or stability

    Sound familiar?

    Short-termism has destroyed the economy. "Why should we save, when we can borrow?". "Why should we recruit an inexperienced member of staff ..... let's recruit one with experience.". This dire short-term mindset is why this country is in the mire. Businesses are woefully equipped for saving versus borrowing. Their business models are focused on short-term solutions! And as for the blinkered world of recruitment ... try getting a job without experience! Virtually NOBODY recruits such people. To highlight how foolish businesses have been re: experience, they bemoan the lack of experienced candidates ... :rolleyes:. Where the hell are candidates going to get experience, when NOBODY has taken he time to nurture new talent?

    Short-termism will be the downfall of the UK ....

    "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender"

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