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  1. Are there many bargains to be had? Are properties going for much under the asking price?
  2. Have heard a couple of the major property developers have declared bankruptcy, Anyone have ground knowledge of whats going on there?
  3. Anyone know what houses are going for in reality here? We have children at local schools and are thinking of trying to move in the next year.
  4. We're currently looking in the Ponteland area so would be keen to see what people think will happen to properties here that are priced around 450,000 and lower.
  5. We relocated to the north east (love it!!!) from London last year. We're renting at the minute and renting down south. But currently monitoring house prices with a view to buying. We looked at one in Kingston Park, on at 265,000 and the got three offers of 250,000 and the first one with the money gets it. It was a nice house with loads of potential to make it a 5 bed so perhaps why it went so near asking price. In Ponteland another house was on for 450,000, sold (don't know what for) and is now back on the market because the sale fell through. It is on at offers over 400,000. I phoned today and they said the owners definitely wanted over 400k for it. But if they took 410k thats a drop of 40 in less than 6 months. Think the north east has a long way to drop but the good houses are still going.
  6. We viewed a house in Kingston Park, on at £265000 and had good extension possibilities. It wasn't for us, but they currently have three offers of 250k on the table and first there with the money gets it. Think there is still sales of good houses going through.
  7. Any comments from north east property people?
  8. So what do you all think will be the price drop on the modest properties in Darras-the ones around 400-500k?
  9. To be fair though, you have great schools and are virtually in the countryside but have easy access to the city centre. We moved here a year ago and really like the location. There are a lot of badly built houses, as you say. But compared to houses in Gosforth I think it's a nicer location and more house for your money. Like Ponteland village as well. Never notice the noise of planes though. It can be much worse over Dinnington way, something to do with take off and landing speeds.
  10. I've met a few downsizers, who are not in a hurry to move so are not dropping their prices. It will be interesting to see what happens over the winter months. Most stuff that comes up for renovation is snapped up by developers, but they don't seem to be after everything at the moment so might give us who are looking for somewhere to live a chance at the houses.
  11. Anyone else around to comment on the Newcastle/Northumberland market?
  12. How low do you think prices will go in Newcastle? I just can't see people being able to afford to move with the current need for large deposits and limited amount of money being loaned.
  13. What do you think will happen to house prices in the lower ranges in Darras. The ones currently on at 400-500k? We're renting there at the moment and looking to buy in the next year. Would be interested in your views.
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