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  1. I wonder if Corbyn will finally be able to pressure Chillcot to publish his report?
  2. If PV solar panel and battery prices keep falling as fast as they have been, and the technology carries on improving as it has recently, there will soon be no need for a grid connection for most normal size homes. Fine for most of Europe, but not so good for shoe box Britain. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2015/04/16/experts-powering-your-home-with-batteries-is-going-to-get-cheaper-and-cheaper/ http://gas2.org/2015/04/18/battery-prices-falling-faster-expected/
  3. Experience is where the value is, and unlike knowledge is not storable or transferable and has a finite life. Most major human advances have stemmed from a combination of the two.
  4. The Americans will loan them the money - via the IMF, to buy tons of American arms to ward off a non-extstant Russian threat that has been puffed up recently by the US media. They have form for this sort of thing. The EU will eventually wind up bailing Lithuania (like Greece) out to repay the IMF. I noticed that the new Greek government only knocked the EU and not the IMF, probably because they know the crooks in Wall St would bomb them if they missed a payment. Even though it was an American bank (Goldman Sachs) that fiddled the figures to get Greece in the eurozone to begin with. If I were Russian I would be more worried about the encroaching, US controlled NATO arms buildup on my borders, rather than just a gullible EU state falling for arms industry backed propaganda.
  5. I would let them all know you intend to sell, and if more than one offer an acceptable amount choose your buyer on a price / convenience / lack of hassle basis. You should not let emotion get in the way of financial decisions.
  6. A proper socialist - small "s", rather than the champagne variety that pervade British politics.
  7. Which is more non-essential Food, Fuel, Shelter or court fines? Assuming you take the latter as the least essential to pay, the first three will eventually be provided to you free.
  8. I can't see parking fines, speeding fines or parking receipts on the list.
  9. No doubt it will be the small guy who parked a bit over the markings who will be the hardest hit. I also wonder how much TDX will be extracting from the arrangement, but as always it will obviously be against the nations best interests.
  10. They have to blame something else rather than stupidly high house prices. It will be the same in the UK.
  11. The rent for the pitch was probably eyewatering, and is the real reason for the demise.
  12. Almost wants to make you move to Liverpool. - If you can put up with the weather, onesies, and thieves.
  13. I think the present owner must be too. Listing historyFirst listed £279,950 on 14th May 2014 Asking price changes£325,000 16.1% Increased on: 30th Sep 2014
  14. Interest rates are lower because they are no longer being paid on real money, which has been diluted due to QE.
  15. A lot of those who want to go back didn't have to live through them the first time. The beer was muck......The music was better though.
  16. Why anyone would want US citizenship is beyond me. Personally I would rather have syphilis or ebola.
  17. I am sure JK will soon be used by estate agents as a "unique selling point".... e.g. "This property has no garden or outside areas, so is free of risk from invasive foreign species"
  18. There are probably many thousand Brits who have automatically gained citizenship in France or Spain using the 5 year rule. But the DM cannot let facts get in the way of a good story.
  19. Japanese knotweed does not seem to affect european houses at all, neither does lack of a damp proof course. I wonder if it is due to a lack of building regulations or the lack of a tabloid press. Especially the Daily Mail.
  20. If the pound collapses house prices will not necessarily fall in sterling terms, we need a recession, or reality to set in for that to happen.
  21. From UKIP's website That will really push up availability and affordability. It is much cheaper to build on greenfield sites, and the land is less of a health hazard for young families than a polluted brownfield site. Seems more like a Boomers wishlist to me.
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