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  1. And of course governments have absolutely no control over the housing market, only the banks do Unless you are Gordon Brown of course, in which case your wreckless governance sparks an uncontrollable boom, and then your theft from taxpayers and savers can engineer a mini-recovery in the short term, all for long term pain
  2. And with todays news, the suggested IR rises now look hopelessly optimistic :angry:
  3. Here's his latest blog entry, proof that even once you've lost the weight, the obsessive mental behaviour still exists
  4. Why is the fat bloke story such a big thing? anyone that much overweight who changes to "healthy eating" and gets exercise every day would lose weight. Nothing to do with cycling or cycling to work for that matter, walking/jogging would've done it, as would many other exercises. Probably switching to a "healthy diet" had just a big a part to play. I think there's a rather odd picture being painted of people driving to work as being flustered, angry road rage types. I don't get any stress on my drive in, in fact traffic jams tend to be quite a calming experience if plenty of time has been allowed. If you're fat you should probably switch to a healthy diet and start exercising anyway, no need to start cycling to work. I love the way he says he lost 22 stone through nothing more than healthy eating and exercise WELL DUH!!
  5. Yes, we'll keep it secret oh mysterious one, while you post it on a public internet forum. Tesco aren't in trouble, which is a shame.
  6. Why would anyone put themselves through this? Nice warm, modern, luxury bathroom at home, arrive at work refreshed and relaxed, or battle the elements and power yourself to work, then use horrible showers used by all sorts of lycra clad weirdos. Why don't you just lay in the garden and whip yourselves? We have evolved and invented cars to make life easier and more comfortable.
  7. This obsession we have nowadays with "good" schools and catchment areas is all really rather hideous, and deeply rooted in the housing boom. I don't recall my parents ever giving a flying ****** about what catchment areas they were in, I went to the same shit school as my mum, but I was taught good values and morales and took advantage of hard working teachers and I did fine, like millions of other kids. Another aspiring middle class noughties nonsense that hopefully dies with all the other appalling 2000 decade fads. :angry:
  8. Ok I'll bring it back to boomers, members of my family who benefited from the great council housing giveaway in their late 20's, ended up selling it and moving into a detached 3 bedroom place about 15 years ago, very nice indeed, convinced everyone they had oodles of money. Moved to New Zealand two years ago, just sold their place, and made a loss due to the staggering amount of MEW they indulged in to fund their "considerably richer than yow" lifestyle Don't have a pot to piss in now, can only rent, and are just a couple of years from retirement
  9. Spot on, I noticed that too. I was amazed his about turn about Balls wasn't laughed down by the audience, in my head I was screaming SHAME ON YOU and was desperate for someone there to shout it out. Total scum.
  10. No, because I would only get one visit and that would be it. Also, don't be impatient and ask the same question twice in one post, this isn't a live chat room.
  11. As a private rental tenant, my heart bleeds for you
  12. So let me get this straight, you believe most tenanted properties have untidy gardens, and keep bleating about it, whilst at the same time saying you don't have a problem with homeowner properties with untidy gardens. I think you're trolling, and possibly more than a little retarded.
  13. One of the biggest problems here of course is that these programmes are typically watched by women who, perhaps even sub-conciously, have had their lifestyle expectations artificially inflated by trash like Friends and the like. In fact the whole period of 2000 up to the crash, most women believed they were actually living the Sex In The City dream of gyms and coffee shops and Harvey Nic's, but funded it through their visa cards in most cases I know of. Of course, every man most of them met during that period weren't up to their expectations. Or were living in the real world, as I'd prefer to call it.
  14. Great stuff Mr Loo Great to hear how much of a miserable time she's having too, I hope it bankrupts her
  15. The Daily Mail and their obsession with flat screen TV's as some sort of ultra-luxury item is only surpassed by their obsession with house prices Ooh, these youngsters these days with their ipobs and their blueberry's, we could never afford stuff like that in our day! they don't know they're born! ironically, their parents were probably saying the same things about LP records and penny whistles back when they were kids
  16. Nah, the healthy can pick up the slack. Capitalism needs us to take decent sick breaks when we are ill to give us a break from people we may otherwise slaughter if we had to tolerate them with a cold bug as well.
  17. James Max is big into his BTL's, he also has a big mortgage on his primary residence, as he has alluded to on his radio show He had a phone in the other night with some London EA who's opening monologue was basically "people should rent like they do in Europe, we need to change our mentality", he was obviously a boomer with a VI I was furious and emailed the show, a lengthy, meandering rant, but fair do's to James, he read the whole thing out. I said that the guest should immediately disclose his interests in the property market, because saying that everyone should rent sounded like someone who had multiple houses and wanted to pull the drawbridge up, wanted prices to stay high, and wanted the rest of us to rent off him and his ilk. I said there's a simple reason we don't like renting like our European cousins, UK rental law and the AST. I said sure, lets adopt the European model and give us secured tenancies. What do you think that will do for prices? He then mumbled a response about, well yes that would have a negative effect on prices, but I just want us to go back to a time when people considered their houses as homes and not properties. Another VI busted in front of a few hundred thousand Londoners It's available as a podcast on the LBC site, but it looks as though they expect you to pay a subscription
  18. Internet Radios have made DAB completely redundant
  19. That's disgusting! Can you get a photo? If so, we can bombard them with complaints and report them to the Estate Agent regulators Pardon? There isn't a regulator?
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