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  1. Is the world doing enough to help Japan? It almost feels as though everyone is just watching on in horror, like the current talking shop over whether or not someone should go in and slit that animal Gaddafi's throat. Taking into consideration the dangers involved from radiation, the whole world should be supplying a limitless number of experts and resources to assist the engineers desperately trying to salvage the plant at Fukushima.
  2. So Lloyds are insisting on a 25% deposit then (FTB 5% + Council 20%)
  3. No, I meant for all the protection against natural disasters, how would they stand up to a hijacked aircraft being flown into the reactor building.
  4. How does a fully fuelled 747 at 300mph compare to those natural events? Just idly speculating at the horror of an event like that itself, and then the creeping realisation of our own doom and what would happen, asides from houses in Surrey rocketing at 10% p.a. I'm sure if I can dream up such scenarios, various lunatics out there could as well, what with wall to wall coverage of the fear such an attack would cause on the TV at the moment.
  5. If terrorists ever managed to take out a nuclear reactor on the eastern seaboard of the States, would we be due their fallout like they would be due anything that was thrown into the jetstream from Japan?
  6. I do hope he doesn't get terminal cancer or anything nasty like that.
  7. An addiction entirely created and funded by the state. People don't wake up addicted to alcohol, he had to actively opt out of personal responsibility to his family, and instead use his benefits to drink so much he got addicted to it.
  8. You'll have more chance of getting planning permission for a city centre block of flats that makes Wormwood Scrubs look like One Hyde Park
  9. How on earth does he know how angry we are? Did he hold a referendum I don't know about? Our opinions are whatever the papers decide they are for that week. The papers had no mandate from us about mp's expenses, but went batsh*t crazy about them, and so it was perceived that we were furious too. And once they'd set the agenda, any public opinion after that point (Question Time or radio phone-ins, for example), appeared to confirm they were indeed speaking for us We have no platform for our opinions, they just sometimes coincide with what the news outlets are expressing on our behalf
  10. Student protestors wanting us to pay for their 3 year David Beckham studies degree claiming to be as persecuted as people living under a dictatorship That poster nicely encapsulates why so many "students" shouldn't be allowed anywhere near further education
  11. Good job they had secured tenancies and council houses really then, wasn't it? Let's drop the crap about this generation being lucky because they have ipods and GPS gadgets for christs sake, we as a species are advancing and so technology is getting better and cheaper. None of this will replace shelter and a family, and doesn't mean we are in some way more fortunate than our parents.
  12. The fear stage has arrived We did try to warn you all, time to suck it up.
  13. Brilliant Someone living in a cardboard box is richer than this cretin. And richer than most people I know when viewed like that. Well said
  14. Exactly, it's really rather simple. Everyone's "wealth" is relative to everyone else, banks will determine what prices houses are sold for, but lawyers will get detached houses in Surrey, and checkout girls will aspire to town centre studio flats. The price is irrelevant really, if the banks disappeared, the flat would cost 20k and the house in Surrey 150k.
  15. Councils should be run by smelly divorced men who are unemployable elsewhere but are passionate about local government. They should not be run by Prada clad middle class women who will be comparing the position to a CEO in retail in the private sector. Things need to change. :angry:
  16. What are you talking about?!?! who says I won't have children? why does this attitude preclude me from having children? The problem is that everything is too expensive, and using my money to feed your children means everything is going to stay expensive
  17. What's that got to do with anything? Why should you be receiving financial aid from the state just because you have children? This has nothing to do with the NHS or armed forces which are things we all pay for, you are drawing down cash and I'd like to know how you justify that.
  18. I bet if people were made to go down the dole office and collect all these middle class "tax credits" in person that would soon stop a lot of them claiming. I assume you get all this into your bank account via a nice tidy direct debit to suit your cushdy, busy lifestyle. You should be made to go and beg for them like the poor sods who are out of work.
  19. What is this crap? Am I alone in getting absolutely no "tax credits" or state benefits at all? Why the hell is the state obliged to subsidise wealthy people just because they shit out a kid?
  20. Sounds interesting, but I would think the QE destroyed any "natural" market patterns that might have appeared over time.
  21. You can include TV and entertainment costs in your statement of affairs
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