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  1. That was hilarious wasn't it Something tells me this was Sep07, don't know why, but offering full asking price? bet the vendor couldn't believe their luck Especially as she could've bought one of the flats for 15k less just by waiting 6 months Pathetic
  2. Have they stated what this woman earns and what her deposit is? I haven't watched it all, but she's recently out of uni, no? So, 130k, being very generous and saying a 30k dipper, she needs to be on around 25k really, doesn't she, assuming say a 4x mortgage
  3. Its all about how much its going to cost me TODAY Which is the whole reason we're in this mess How much is it a month, how much deposit do I need to find today, this is why we are where we are in terms of the approaching sh*tstorm on fixed rates All people cared/care about was, how much do I have to find this month? I'll worry about it again in 2-5 years So in these terms, I can see how stamp duty would make a difference i.e. by completely missing the point about interest rates, affordability, loan value etc etc This is all about prolonging the bubble for a bit longer, it has to burst at some point, and that point is now Krusty
  4. Here she f*cking goes, a begging piece to the government about stamp duty
  5. quoting a 2-bob piece of crap like the Express and their screaming headline that "house prices won't crash1!!1!" is the pinnacle of desperation IIRC, that piece the express ran was basically an interview with a couple of mortgage co's and a bullish economist I must say, sitting on the sidelines and watching the ungraceful collapse is utterly hilarious
  6. Don't forget its faster up than down i.e.; £200,000 with +ve 25% HPI = £250,000 £250,000 with -ve 25% HPI = £187,500 All in nominal terms of course, add in some inflation for real prices and.........
  7. Hi! Whats it like to be imprisoned by the Kent wing of the boomer enslavement squad? [Comment removed by Moderators]
  8. Have a look at the photos, what a ghastly place And tiny for a cool £1 million edit: oh and hello everyone
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