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  1. Anyone remember what mortgage rates were back then?
  2. We should count ourselves lucky no developers have yet thought to bring this sort of design to the UK, they could halve the size of our city centre executive, young professional slaveboxes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg9qnWg9kak&feature=player_embedded
  3. Here's your answer; They're not called "sh*t ass pet f*ckers Estate Agents" are they?
  4. That's the trouble with you self-righteous softies, you're so aggressive The McCann stuff has long stopped being about their "abducted" kid, she is a tabloid whore, and this was a quick PR drive as they've dropped out of the papers recently. The kid is rotting at the bottom of a lake somewhere, unfortunately, like plenty of other kids that you hear nothing about.
  5. Houses usually go "Under Offer" when the offer is accepted by the seller. At what point do they go to "Sold STC" I wonder?
  6. When you're all quite finished What does this mean for the stores and their employees? Does administration typically spell the end, or do they simply do some financial jiggery pokery and carry on trading.
  7. Um....because benefits are needed for people to be able to afford extortionate rents and mortgages?
  8. Even when that re-direction of your tax money is contributing to pricing you out of a home?
  9. The guy's earning 33k and getting £173 per week
  10. No, he's receiving £9,000 in benefits per year, and he is asking if it counts towards his annual income when it comes to getting a mortgage. Which I believe it does.
  11. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3201010
  12. In fairness, that's my guess from his username. But still.....9k a year?????
  13. From MSE mortgage forum, doorman earning 33k getting 9k in benefits every year How does one join this gravy train?
  14. Yeah that's the plan, every month that passes is a bit less mortgage I need so I'm in no rush
  15. Yeah absolutely, hence me using the term "reasonable", as it was a reasonable starting point considering how unrealistic some sellers are being Nah, just come on the market over the last couple of weeks. I think they need to spend a bit of time with it on the market to see if my offer was actually good or they get better ones. It's really not that nice a place, it just ticks a few boxes for me personally. My hunch is that they're not going to get much interest.
  16. oh ffs, maybe this thread isn't for you and your pedantic interpretation of peoples choice of wording
  17. Let me re-phrase, it was a reasonable starting point in the sense that most vendors are still asking stupid prices Of course it was still over-priced, but not by much My offer was for slightly more than the absolute maximum I honestly think it's worth, so it was a good offer, not a discount for discounts sake Happy to turn away a buyer over a few grand, good luck to 'em
  18. Saw a place on at a reasonable price, certainly didn't need a big discount to get to what I thought was a fair price in this climate I'm in a good position as a FTBer with an agreement in principle My offer is 6% less than asking price, she says she would give 3% off, I say highest I will go is 4% off asking and she refuses Maybe it's better out there than I thought and people are queuing around the block for a 3% discount off the asking price in the biggest economic collapse we've ever seen
  19. Good point, I'm a FTB in my mid 30's, have just hit 50,000 salary, and am looking to buy a modest end terrace. I have no idea how I would ever be able to afford the huge places some people live in, yet I have a pretty good salary, albeit I don't see it increasing any more than inflationary rises each year, unless I get some energy to study and perhaps move up within my profession I suppose. But faced with a very affordable 3x salary mortgage and a decent-ish home, I'm not going to carry on renting and saving just to get something bigger than I currently need. I'm starting to think 40-50k in and around London is a very average salary indeed, and we're merely the modern day upper-working class. Moving out 40 minutes drive away, I could afford some stunning semi detached houses.
  20. Hi There, I'm considering putting an offer on a house which has nothing but fields behind it. Is there any way to find out if there are plans to develop that land, or if there any restrictions on it? Thanks!
  21. Property ramping in the pretend socialists bible, how very Nu Labour.
  22. That might be down to unsung heroes like property bull scum like me who are refusing to buy off BTLers, especially those with sitting tenants
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