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  1. Are these homes a reasonable commute away from any jobs that make 100k look cheap?
  2. How come this stuff has only started appearing now? Populist, reactionary crap. If he truly believe or understood any of what he said he would've had the balls to say it in 2007 like the rest of us.
  3. Here ya go mate, I've got some spare spaces and capitals for you " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
  4. It's great to have a range of differing opinions. Is anyone putting money away for a pension these days?
  5. Why should FTB'ers be expecting to be able to buy their 'dream house'?
  6. No, I can see the point you are making, but you didn't answer my question. Theoretically, banks could absorb increases in the bank rate up to 3% or so. Thanks 'thejaksie' for that, perhaps another question is; What was the different + or - to the BofE base rates during those periods.
  7. Well I found somewhere for 3x my salary but it is most definately NOT my dream house, it's just a small starter home with quite a bit of land that I like and could maybe extend one day. It's also commutable to London and 10 minutes from my current job. And I do not want to wait and wait and wait and wait whilst agreeing with everyone on here and continually expecting the market to crash, but missing out on another years mortgage repayment and being shunted from rental to rental. I also saved my 10% deposit in 6 months because I enjoy spending money too much to even think about going without what I want for longer than that.
  8. Have average mortgage rates ever been 7% for a prolonged period?
  9. I think he's in his 30's Guitarman, appreciate your honesty. But do you think you are better than that 90 grand flat near some druggies? Have you thought about moving out a bit? Very few people can afford to initially live near where their parents now live. Most people have to move out for affordability and move back in eventually. If you are saving 60% of your income then a 10% deposit on a nice place further out in the sticks from where you are really shouldn't be a big deal. It's a good time out there to be looking, make cheeky offers, get a decision in principle from a lender, you might be surprised. I live in the South East so the figures are different down here, but I'm in my 30's and moved home a couple of years ago after renting for 5 years. I saved a deposit and bought a 1 bed starter home on a mortgage that is 30% of my take home salary. No problems getting a mortgage at all, and there's a few other places on around here for what look like reasonably value. Stop looking at semi-detached places like your friends may have who bought earlier and got lucky, they are still silly money.
  10. Also, it sounds like you've gambled away money on shares and lost. Why not just stick a bit aside every month until you have a 10% deposit? There is no need to speculate when saving for a deposit on your first home. Sounds like you took a risk and lost.
  11. Why would your first home be a semi-detached house? How much are starter homes/flats in your area?
  12. Now where's your HPC spirit? The Chinese will have invaded and a price of bread will be £20,000 I know where I'm going to be; rapidly approaching the end of my mortgage term
  13. What a great HPC thread, I think I'd rather die than eat some of the diets you lot inflict on yourselves. I guess I should be grateful I'm still in work, single, and have 2000 a month discretionary spend once the mortgage and bills are done
  14. Quick turnaround! Vaguely recall you having an offer accepted after mine, and yet I'm only just about to exchange. Completion not for another couple of weeks.
  15. How long did the seller of your house have to wait for a buyer?
  16. Not quite true. Having some access to credit, using it, and paying it off every month is the best way to get a good credit rating. Also, get your credit reports and make sure all details are correct, especially that you are on the electoral role at your current address.
  17. They'll tell him to go away? Isn't that a tad racist for a lefty civil servant?
  18. Why is it always assumed that without the careful guiding hand of the state, anarchy will ensue? This is just a whining piece from a department facing essential cuts, expect lots of similar alarmist pieces.
  19. Ah I see, it's the school dinner lady we want kicking to death now is it? Usually it's nurses or puppy dogs
  20. Of course they are, people don't have morals, just selfishness There's two completely random and appropriate examples
  21. MP for St Pancras and Holborn; Does anyone even live in those areas? What on earth does he do all day?
  22. Not everyone lost their job, and of those that did, maybe more should've had the means to survive a few months without work, especially if you are responsible for 7 other people.
  23. Most of the people who were adversely affected by the bankers behaviour were living wrecklessly and on the brink if house prices didn't keep doubling every 10 years.
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