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  1. Two of those in my road alone Filled with Slovakian builders who are truly awful people The only people I have more contempt for are their landlords who know what's going on but just want the money
  2. Except, of course, they don't. And they certainly don't in places like Islington or Dorset where this cretin and Billy Bragg hang out.
  3. Is it illegal to pay a tradesman in cash then? Surely, he tells you how much it is, you pay him cash, then he sorts out his own tax? Why do you as the customer care if he's declaring his tax or not?
  4. I'm sure you would. Would you laugh at the kids as the family left their home as well?
  5. Is that the extra food you eat, or is that all you eat in a day?
  6. How about firing off some job application letters?
  7. No-one wants to talk about that
  8. If that's actually happening, I'll eat my shoe.
  9. Oh god please don't, the last thing this ridiculous whiny emo generation need is another vessel for their moping I've missed these ridiculous tin foil hat threads, it's sort of comforting to see another one come along after all this time predicting our imminent demise
  10. Come on guys, we're better than this
  11. Plus Android I would say. iPhone is dying and Android is taking over. The fact it has a superb Microsoft Outlook Activesync client makes it the new corporate standard IMO iphone outlook client is just as good though
  12. What are the consequences for mortgage holders? I read somewhere that the banks SVR rates would rise as a consequence of higher borrowing costs for them. So in this instance, it wouldn't matter what the central bank rate dropped to, or how long it stayed at effectively zero, as banks with downgraded credit ratings would just have high mortgage rates full stop. Whilst my bank isn't in this list that's being mooted, I did spot my lender on the original list of 14 or so banks that Moody's were looking into from a couple of months ago.
  13. That sentence should never be uttered without being immediately followed by "....due to our appalling rental laws."
  14. Billie Bragg's currently writing a song about it from his conservatory in Dorset
  15. Extract from Charlie Brookers latest column; Didn't take them long did it, though I have to admit even I'm surprised at how soon Labour revisionists assume we will have forgotten. In fact, his whole column is worth a read for his infantile anti-Tory, class-war guff. He may even have a point somewhere in there, but I can't get over my anger at how columnists like him sat on their hands during the appalling New Labour years and are now letting their anger explode onto less worthy targets just because it fits in with their particular political opinion.
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