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  1. So you admit you are incredibly fortunate to have secure tenure, and yet complain we are angry and jealous Nice
  2. Lefty mentions "TEH ELITEZ" Meanwhile, Wayne and Waynetta have a house for life and I'm at the behest of a menopausal housewife every 6 months The Socialist utopia is complete
  3. How does Maggie Thatcher, your assumptions about my politics and the glorious rental terms the boomers had have anything to do with me being forced to work full time, pay 40% tax, rent on 6 month contracts and then see those dependant on the state get a better deal?
  4. On what basis??? Talksport is the radio station of white van man and plenty of people with a finger in the state pie Most people will do as I just did when the headline was announced on Sky News, a double-take and think "wait, council house tenancies FOR LIFE??????" Things are going to change in this country.
  5. Wow, I am staggered. It's like we're all being given a peak into a world we never knew existed. Fair play for the Tories for exposing this, lifelong council tenancies. Literally unbelievable. No wonder we're running out of money.
  6. Ha, this is brilliant, a happy ending finally. By luck more than judgement they couldn't buy before the market collapsed Yep, Phil Spencer there trying to buy MOAR MOAR investment pwopertees just before stage one of the great crash
  7. Yep, I just can't see the attraction A little street of people striving to look more successful than they are, identi-kit immaculate homes and lawns, Audi on the drive, I think I'd end up burying her under the patio and getting russian hookers around every weekend Looks like the Asian couple are about to dodge the bullet, but one assumes there is a purchase before the end of the show, unless they don't get to buy before the market went pop
  8. Advising the other couple to buy a 345k shared ownership shoe box at the peak of the housing bubble "it's got a river view" she says craning her neck "a twin aspect kitchen!!" she squeals, she's obviously been reading the 2007 property cliche book "we just have to go for it and take the risk, everyone else is" she wails, as another hen-pecked husband nods sagely
  9. Krusty "It's on at 259950 but they want to sell, so offer 249950" Yeah, that's a really cheeky offer Krusty Just me in here
  10. "If she likes it I'll like it" Man up you ******* pussy The other couple buying with a 300k, 5 times joint salary, 100% mortgage in 2007 at the top of the boom
  11. Wow, is this bloke going to get a word in over his missus' shrill American voice? Women have a lot to answer for with this housing boom, I'm sure this guy would be perfectly happy in a small, sensible place, but wimmin just absolutely have to give the right impression
  12. You call it too lazy, I call it having a sensible balance.
  13. I exercise for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week and have no issues with my weight and certainly no mental issues that cause me to want to put myself through 6 hours of the discomfort of exercise a week to prove something to who-knows-who about how amazing and fit I am. In fact, the rest days are as important as the running days lest I spend my life fighting injuries
  14. I think you're living on another planet, that's nearly an hour a day. No problem on a weekend, but during the week, if I did an hour a night, including he preparation, shower, change etc I'd do nothing but commute, work, exercise and cook all week. What a waste of a life
  15. Maybe it's a beta? I can't seem to find the link to it from the homepage
  16. That is excellent. Your search was centred on Wormwood Scrubs, anything you want to tell us?
  17. I bet they won't be doing it if they are forced to slash costs because they are making losses
  18. Not at all, why do you say that? It's got nothing to do with intelligence, and everything to do with 13 years of public sector waste that can no longer be funded I don't expect anyone reliant upon or employed within the state to agree, but I do expect them to wail and snipe on message boards as the pain begins to bite
  19. We're supposed to care if some public sector funded private sector non-job like this goes? By the way, if you use the phrase "careful what you wish for", you automatically lose any argument you are currently engaged in There's only one freak foaming at the mouth on this thread bucko
  20. A quick glance at a company that provides secure data disposal confirms that the process is, put paper into bin, paper goes through shredder. Exactly the sort of service that would be immediately ditched at a private sector company that was looking to make savings, so no reason a council can't do exactly the same.
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