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  1. Quite incredible that people are advocating this. If it was to come in, which is won't, then I'd become a contractor overnight. The state has no place putting themselves in between an employee and their employer when it comes to being paid for the work you have done. I nearly swerved off the road in anger today when I heard they will be taking £100 per month direct from peoples pay packets! Because of their own mistake! Absolutely scandalous!
  2. I live in the South East and earn 50k, I would say I feel fairly well off, but certainly not wealthy. I can probably afford a decent 2 bed flat on that money, or a decent 2 bed end terrace which is all I want. It's very satisfying having savings, and it feels like a good security blanket to have, but I'll be damned if I use it if I lose my job, I've paid tens of thousands in tax and so called social security, and I'll be damn well sure I will get my rent paid and as many benefits as I can whilst I look for another job before hitting my savings. I have about 15k in the bank and am looking to buy when I get to 20 over the coming months, though that may be when the actual HPC waiting begins in earnet for me, i.e. I actively choose not to buy rather than just cannot buy due to not enough savings as is presently the case. On my 50k, if I opted not to save, I could rent a penthouse apartment in the best part of town and drive an M3, but as I'm just the wrong side of 30, I really need to focus on the whole saving and mortgage stuff.
  3. <taps on TV screen> Is my telly showing news from yesterday or something? no-one reporting the Nationwide figures with their usual urgency
  4. Excellent points, I too was mystified about their reference to Halifax figures.
  5. Good luck to her, I say. Sure, she's obviously a complete cretin, but she's also been comprehensively f**ked over by her boomer predecessors and the banking/government/public sectors. You go girl, as I believe they say.
  6. Welcome to the house price crash. The glamorous days of 2% MoM falls, bank bailouts, bank runs, mortgage relief schemes etc are over, now we have a long, slow, grinding HPC to play out with reposession misery for loads. Its ******ing grim, and it's all the housing bulls fault.
  7. The reason you can't build a modern, affordable, green home for yourself; the grey haired scum who inhabit the nearby 100 year old homes and "don't like change" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1306394/Rowan-Atkinson-defends-plans-build-petrol-station-home-seventh-century-village.html
  8. Anything, absolutely anything, but cutting the obscene wages they are drawing down :angry:
  9. I think he understands exactly, you need to read between the lines a bit on that quote
  10. I don't ever seem me going to the cinema again considering what can be achieved at home for, admittedly, a fair wad of cash. I can wait for general blu-ray release and don't feel the need to pay a premium for seeing something as soon as it comes out.
  11. I think far more telling than attendances is that on almost all the Sky live games I've 'appened across, when they list the squad at the beginning, almost every side has empty slots as they are "....unable to name a full squad" There is just not the embarassment of riches anymore, certainly outside the Premier League, that means clubs can have dozens of fringe players in their squads. In reference to what Bloo Loo says up there, I was a massive supporter of a certain London team through my teens and early twenties, there is a certain working class camararderie involved that's difficult to explain. However, Sky have destroyed the game, and because of them I no longer go. As you suggest, I'm no longer willing to fund the lifestyles of the players, and further encourage Sky's destruction of the game with hype, advertising, corporatisation and kick-off time shuffling. English football sold it's soul in the nineties to Sky. Everyone will tell you the quality is better, but the soul has gone in favour of out of town Lego mega-domes, face-painting, all-seater stadia, goal music, mascots, 5pm kick-offs, shitstains like Jamie Redknapp and Andy Gray, euurghh. Not for me anymore. But I'll be here if they ever come back looking for real supporters.
  12. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but having one of them invest in something is no barometer of a good product And these two scenarios are the same how? There was a funny one from this series, some guy turns up with some business idea, but wants 1.5 million. You can see the "dragons" squirming, looking for an out. Suddenly one of them finds a relatively trivial thing wrong with his pitch, and they all immediately dismiss him whilst chuckling amongst themselves. They quite obviously were just looking for the first oppurtunity to get out of the deal as no-one wanted to spend 1.5 million on anything.
  13. Or maybe people are finally waking up to the ludicrous practice of wasting tens of thousands on this bizarre ritual?
  14. Normally I would suggest about now that we ignore these falls as Rightmove asking prices count for **** all, but these falls are so catastrophic, it's impossible to dismiss them
  15. Fair enough, I have enough hate for NuLabour as well
  16. Because they were in charge making the decision? The fact they benefitted from free education that now requires such hideous fees to be paid by their children is probably a coincidence
  17. Ah, pointless name calling, I think that means you lose. The left have never been good losers, always leaving in a tantrum rather than with dignity. I guess that's how it always has to end when your whole political ethos is shown for a sham each and every time you are hauled from power in disgrace.
  18. Because we had the one you idiots deserved? Tories doing fine so far
  19. Making all those solar panels and installing them is sure gonna burn a lot of oil
  20. Or alternatively, the cake bearer and recipients hog what they have and tell the rest to sort their own problems out, 'cos they're alright jack. Oh, and could you please pay for the cake. Thanks.
  21. I see. I hear the Prime Minister is busy just observing things at the moment too, so I doubt there's any need to get worried about losing your secure tenure status.
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