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  1. According to Richard Noble on Robert Llewellyn's (excellent) Carpool. When Mandy was appointed "Business Tsar", he apparently spoke at a dinner for the engineering/design industry and was heard to announce to the room that "the City is finished for 20 years (in light of the credit crunch), the future, if we're going to have one, lies with engineering, design and technology" That's the trouble with New Labour, always playing catchup, and always disastrously too late. That should've been their mantra in 2000, rather than doing everything they could to massage the collective prostates of the banking and property industries.
  2. The world the property bulls built :angry:
  3. I made some initial inquiries about a mortgage a couple of weeks ago, said I currently had a 10% deposit and that after looking on a lot of high street lender sites, I thought 90% LTV would be ok, if not the most competitive rates Advisor; "sure, sure, we'll start looking at that. How long until you could get 15 or 20%?" So I said, 6 months for 15%, another year for 20% Advisor; "to be honest, probably best to just come back to me when you have 20%" Market is dead The HPI indexes are currently meaningless We've thrown everything at it, and it's still dead. Prices have to fall further
  4. Lending isn't actually that tight at all really, it's just normal But normal won't be bringing back 2007 prices any time soon
  5. I see the Simpsons is on board too, from last nights episode Lenny: Hey Homer, how can you afford to keep having these parties every year? Homer: I have an "equity loan", I keep spending, and the stupid house picks up the tab! <cut to Gil the financial advisor> Gil: And this is what you're new payment is going to be Homer: Arrghh! It's so high, it's got a comma in it! Ned Flanders then does a BMV buy and rent back, he's the cartoon world's Ajay Ahuja!
  6. The taxpayer doesn't pay someone's debts in bankruptcy
  7. 18-20k for a first line job in Liverpool? Seems like an excellent offer to me
  8. "are you worth more than the chief of defence staff?" "I....erm.....I don't think it's appropriate to comment on his salary" Thieving, treacherous scum
  9. Another good reason to be a renter in a recession, there's no limit to how long they'll pay your rent if you can't get a job
  10. This is where renting comes into it's own; no house to lose if you lose your job HB pays the rent, council tax etc, JSA pulls in enough for a bit of grub The really stressed people now are those holding mortgages
  11. So just as homes are appearing to head towards a level supported by the current, normal levels of lending (4x 90% LTV commonly available on the high street),and into the affordability of brackets of millions of FTBers and young families, they're seeking to inflate prices artificially again? Is that right?
  12. As someone said, of course it will. I'm paid an amount that enables my company not to have to borrow to stay in business, this money is enough for me to live. Why shouldn't the public sector be subject to the same basic mathematics?
  13. Totally agree. BTL investors and everyone associated with the boom should be being taxed until they squeal to pay for the mess they created, what do we get instead? BTL investors benefitting from being on base rate trackers with the base rate at near zero Disgusting
  14. Yep, it seems we are. I'm far too lazy to keep on top of these things, so if you're like me, and want to tell HMRC what your current address is, as I just did; https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/shortforms/form/PAYENICoC?dept-name=PAYENI&sub-dept-name=COC&location=44&origin=http://www.hmrc.gov.uk
  15. What's the story behind the Daily Mail's obsession with plasma TVs
  16. Depends if they've ever looked down their noses at me for renting and said "house prices only ever go up", "renting is dead money", "buy now or you'll miss the boat" etc, in that case, ****** 'em
  17. Yes, because without constant supervision we will become speeding, pavement mounting lunatics
  18. Quite right One of the pleasant side effects of these austerity measures is that plenty of anti-motorist stuff will come to and end by default, not by, for instance, ripping out speed cameras, but just a lack of money to re-fill them with film or hide in bushes Relics of the New Labour era like those traffic officers (you know, the fat blokes eating donuts in imitation police cars who shut motorways when rabbits get run over) will hopefully at least reduce in number, if not disappear completely
  19. I think I speak for us all when I say how nice it is to see Christine's legs back on telly.
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