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  1. She's back because she instinctively realises, like we all do, that's it's about to get interesting again
  2. You'd have a point, were it not for the fact these cretins sneered down their noses at everyone who wasn't in their gang during the boom, despite the obvious stupidity of it all They also contributed to the absolutely appalling situation we now find ourselves in, with interest rates set at zero to bail them out at my expense So ****** 'em
  3. No New Years programming this year? usually Graham Norton or something on Cutbacks at Beeb and ITV?
  4. You sound like the kind of person I'm trying to avoid tonight, to be fair
  5. I can't fake it anymore and pretend I care about big ben striking midnight, so I'll probably give it a miss Quite right about it being a young man's thing, it was always a big event when I was big into my clubbing, now the fake sincerity and kissing strangers and all that seems a little too contrived I think the best description I've seen of NYE is "amateurs night"
  6. The amusing thing about this for me is that all this debt was undoubtedly accumulated to fund a keep up with the Jones' lifestyle, while the Jones' themselves did exactly the same and lived a fantasy existence funded by debt. I've seen a couple of families this last 5 years, who everyone thought was doing well, exposed as a complete sham built on debt, and who've subsequently jacked it all in an emigrated with nothing to their names. They also left behind a few members of their family similarly in debt who were trying to live a similar lifestyle.
  7. God I hate that cartoon It's just an extension of a theory like everyone should be DNA swabbed just in case it we find one murderer To me it shows "they" are losing the argument, trying to claim they will make a better world if we just do as they say Disgusting and staggeringly arrogant "save today save tomorrow!"
  8. Also, Sky and the retailers appear to have officially dubbed this "super Saturday", a term I've never heard before. Like our very own "Black Friday" ala the US hype hype hype, convince the shoppers that "oh well, everyone else is doing it!"
  9. Explaining the busy shops on Sky, a "Finance Expert", bedecked in silly designer coat and hat, bleats; "people are worried about 2011, worried about the VAT increase, so they're just thinking let's have fun, going for broke, and they'll worry about it in the new year" A nation of morons
  10. Then he does this....to silence from everyone in the studio Absolutely bizarre
  11. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart/4od#3144061
  12. Why are they getting away with bleating about 50k worth of debt How many of this lot will be getting into the top Uni's charging 9k per year, and paying 23,000 pounds for accommodation over 3 years??
  13. "What can you do to stop inflation?" "We can raise rates in 15 minutes" And what happens then in then UK? we follow? I reckon once America panics and rates begin to rise, Merv will do the same.
  14. Enough about the good aspects, what are the downsides???
  15. I don't believe it listed the salaries of the couple in the example, perhaps that was the barrier to their 200k mortgage? They did very well to save £24k whilst renting, that should be ample as a deposit on a home. I think some of the obsessive savers/investors here need to realise that not everyone is like them with 200k sitting in the bank after years of eating lentils and rice or STR'ing, nor do they have to be to buy a home. The problem isn't their deposit, it's the price of houses. Everyone just needs to sit tight and be patient, we've waited this long, don't blink now. As has been alluded to, on the plus side, they may well have 30-40k deposit by the time this bottoms out and houses fall to a point where mortgages are available at sensible levels.
  16. Believe me, I used to have nightmare's about finding myself living back at my parents place. I loved living on my own. But eventually those nightmares turned into fears of going from AST to AST and never owning a home. I had to make a call, carry on bumbling along from contract to contract, or jack it in for 2 years to go back to the folks place to save. Every day, I miss having my own place, but the overwhelming drive of depriving a BTL 'tard of my money, and seeing my savings rocket every month, vastly outweighs any of the peer pressure or ridicule of nasty articles like this. Fight back any way you can
  17. Imagine living next door to owners All that whining about what their pension is worth, all the keeping up with the Jones', the negative impact of their appalling credit rating on the local post code, all the twigs in vases, the suicides, the mother whoring herself out for the mortgage payment, the constant bailiff visits, the old man's drug dealing....sheesh At least being a renter I could just move
  18. What on earth does any of that have to do with renting? surely you're talking about having shitty neighbours, which can happen to owners or renters what an odd list of things you chose to compile against renting In fact they are all reasons for renting, as if any of them happen, you can find somewhere else with 2 months notice. Owners do not have this flexibility Truly a weird post that one You're almost saying, having bad neighbours is the preserve of renters alone. Can you explain this theory please?
  19. You can just feel the anger seething in that article. The boomer bible is worried no-one's going to buy up their debts for them Makes me so proud to hear of people finding any way they can to bring the pyramid down. We've picked up our ball and we're going home
  20. Never, ever again sign a contract consenting to quarterly visits. That is seriously detrimental to your entitlement to quiet enjoyment of YOUR home If they ever come around and try and let themselves in again, write them a letter immediately the next day threatening legal action if they so much as look through a window without your consent in the future You are well within your rights to change the locks so they can't let themselves in.
  21. So why did they crash in 2008? And why are they falling now? I wonder which one this is? Columbo? Sibley?
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