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  1. This is a really good idea The biggest problem online retail has is being around to collect the deliveries The high street as we know it is dead Adapt or die Here is another solution; I sort've had this idea vaguely a few years ago, but had no idea how to make it happen; http://www.shutl.co.uk/
  2. Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between countries receiving a bailout, and us printing currency? So for instance, if Spain needed a 500bn bailout, is that much different to 500bn of QE?
  3. Exactly what I thought! Something fishy about that purchase price 14 acres of prime West London real estate? I'd have thought at least 500million
  4. There's no way to not sound rude here, but rest assured I'm not, but aren't you quite "senior" in years? My point is, your position is admirable, but this guy is at the other end, and by his own admission wanting to buy His username is "Frozen Out" He is anything but This is why I've always said, lurkers and FTBers who post here need to be cautious about getting caught up in the overall (albeit admirable) opinion on here People's motivations differ, and someone who wants to buy but is putting it on hold because of the advice and wisdom on here should exercise caution when choosing who they take their guidance from. People with 100 grand in the bank who are opting out of home ownership for whatever reason and expecting prices to fall, are sometimes barely distinguishable here in posting style from people on very low wages who could barely scrape together the required deposit for a studio flat I don't know where the OP lives, but I bought a 1 bed semi last year for 175k in Greater London. I'm 35 and realistic about what my first house should be. Just because you're buying late in life at your peak earning, it doesn't mean you're entitled to a mansion as your first place 100k deposit and you're "earning a decent salary", something doesn't add up, and my suspicion is it's your expectations
  5. Must be agonizing for people who live in places like Marlow to own a 700 grand house with a Slough postcode Disclaimer : I have a Slough postcode
  6. You can't be expecting sympathy my friend, you seriously can only afford a flat with a 100 grand deposit, and would rather rent off your Mum and Dad? I think we're collectively losing our minds in this country
  7. Pun threads are the worst aspect of this website
  8. And that is ten years ago my friend, you could be half way through a mortgage by now This is why I bought last year, I'm not bullish on prices, but life is slowly, slowly ebbing away.......
  9. But..... Do they mean the people with money in the bank? http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0605/eu-commission-to-unveil-bank-collapse-plans.html
  10. I suppose in a way you've got to admire idiot Estate Agents like this
  11. News reaches Poland that there is £26,000 up for grabs
  12. Balmy un-seasonally warm weather, and the Great British public collectively go mad as usual. The whole world must look on bemused at us sometimes. No strike, no shortage of fuel, yet people see a queue and assume they must join it. Price goes through the roof as a result, retailers will be stuck with expensive fuel they can't sell next week. I despair, I really do.
  13. Living near Heathrow as I do, and next to a succession of housing benefit tenants, I can only concur...... The social climbing middle classes of Marlow are arseholes, but just in a different and far more tolerable way.
  14. Oh yeah, it's a nice place. Just the people are arseholes, for the most part.
  15. Marlow is a nice area, but it's the absolute peak of aspirational, keep up with the Jones's middle class wannabe nonsense It's all coffee shops and twee homely businesses run by ladies who lunch whilst the fella works in London Insane house prices in that area is not surprising, but even taking that into consideration, those are some whacky prices being asked right there
  16. No matter how bad the Tories get, everything they do that winds up the left just makes me feel more and more happy that they're now suffering the same agony the rest of us did under that hideous Labour government of 13 years. I'm just turning a blind eye to whatever the Tories are getting up to and enjoying the self-righteous lefty rage
  17. Yep, a lot round my way too. I'm amazed they are still in business. In tough times, why on earth would you spend hard earned cash getting someone to do something you can do yourself for a few pence each time? Whenever I drive past these places, it seems to be full of car bores who only go there for the adoring glances and male attention they get from the Poles cleaning their pride and joy.
  18. What effect did a downgrade have on the US?
  19. My Mum rents on this sort of contract, and it's absolute bliss. Landlord tries to put the rent up as often as he can, which is I think every 2 years, rent officer steps in and tells him to sod off. It's generally capped at inflationary rises. She's been there since the 70's and has completely made it her own. Shame we can't all get contracts like that, I'd have never have bought if I could. Of course landlords hate them, there's no massive profits in it for them, and they can't just sell the placem from under the tenants and threaten them with eviction like the utter cowboys can under ASTs. What landlords can't get their heads around is; this is how it should be. It shouldn't be easy for you to use housing for quick speculative gains. The emphasis here was always the security and well-being of the tenant, not the ability for landlords to ruthlessly push up the rent and sell the house for quick profits. Imagine that eh?
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