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  1. some BTLs made a fortune in the last seven years, 100K in your pocket is nothing but the result of your hard labor.
  2. You can just press print/print article and open it on an new clean window. ( abort the printing but keep the document open ). Also Safari has an option called Reader to get pages clean, uncluttered and ad-free.
  3. Exactly, I think it's something called equality, to prevent places turning into ghettos. Why would you isolate the elite' from the rest ? .......yeah let's make a place called Dreamford, and put all the rich people there so they can "feel safe" and forget what life really is for the rest of the ordinary people!
  4. $ people who don't sympathize with this man' situation are just jealous of his fertile nature. $ if you are spending all your time working like dogs it's YOUR choice $ going out and having fun might help your situation
  5. so according to some people on this thread it's ok to pay taxes for richer bankers to get richer but not for poor/unskilled/chavs people to get benefits....pathetic!
  6. Replying to 50% Deposit In Cash And Sleepless Nights dude, having sleepless nigts with 50% deposit ...what would you do if you were skinT
  7. I don't have a house and it's not luckily I am getting one anytime soon - As for the dead starving family I don't have one either , in fact I don't have anything to worry about but myself, I am happy to look at the sky and watch the clouds moving - i live the idea that one day the Antichrist will come and give cheap housing for the masses, but it's not happening ......
  8. re: Replying to Message To The Bulls no need for replying, facts speak for themselves, your Antichrist hasn't happened, and it probably never will.
  9. Fact: will cost you an arm and a leg to buy a property Faith: there will be a HPC and prices will go Down Fact: we all die Faith: there might be a hell or a heaven that depends on how good you've been in your life. start seeing the pattern? I can agree with cuts that are coming but I doubt it will be on properties but rather on wages as I am seeing out there
  10. Replying to Anybody Else Losing Their Faith? Yes long time ago and moved on since then - I check this forum from time to time and the same cr*p that was posted 4/5 years ago is repeated now like a mantra by the same few "enlighten" ones who think that if they say it enough times it will happen. Sorry, reality call for everyone who still believes HPC - YOU WERE WRONG - people at the power are smarter than you are and managed to create a system which you don't understand - so at least give them credit , Gordon Brown, Tony Blair brilliant minds, although I don't like their policies and got sc
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/no-fresh-aid-for-economy-from-ratesetters-1916094.html
  12. interesting article http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-banks-exposed-to-struggling-european-economies-1890514.html
  13. i admire your patience in replying to these posts, i've had enough of this gloom....bye
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