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  1. Only if the business has shareholders/Vi's who know people who know people that are able to shaft the taxpayer.
  2. Perhaps 'we' have evolved to the point where acquiescence is valour.
  3. What are the present annual interest payments on UK debt...was it 40 Bio..or was I having a nightmare?
  4. Well, that just illustrates what a total horses derrier the whole system is. What is the point of playing the game?
  5. Doesn't one need to be a UK resident, tax registered et al to actually purchase property here?.. and if not why not?
  6. Have not the foggiest idea what you are on about, but like your style. 'Wholly sentient being', fabulous stuff.
  7. Does she get her baps out in this new series?
  8. You have it in one..that's the way that that this country works.
  9. Poignant that they present a picture of terraced houses under a cloudy sky rather than a portrait of Mervyn King.
  10. Yes, it really is rather surreal. Nevertheless it is actually happening, just proves the power of MSM.
  11. Hopefully someone on here can figure out how to save the Nolan radio 5 thing for posterity. It ought to be prescribed reading for, well, everyone.
  12. Yes, timebandit is indeed a star worthy of note. I thought that Nolan made fair use of BBC broadcast time to give peeps a chance to speak, good on him. 'Genuflect', I have not seen that word used for a while..it does rather suit. Heppi daze
  13. Good words, I called in to see an aged Uncle recently, questioned the point of his having stored half a dozen classic cars ( Jaguar, Austin, Triumph, Wolseley, nothing exotic) in his barn for over 40 years.. 'They ain't losing nowt where they is, and when I am gone I won't be bothered' Makes one think.
  14. True, but do yourself a favour and listen to the Radio 5 thing..pleez
  15. Definitely the former. Who cares?, HPC came out of the closet today
  16. Freakin' beargasmic. Oh heppi daze, what a treat to hear all this bearish stuff on the beeb
  17. timebandit really did do very, very well, mentioned just about everything that we all yabber on about here. I guess that including BBC news peeps in the list of rampers was what had him unplugged.. Brilliant stuff, all of it.
  18. Whatever, it was absoloodle wonderful to hear a change of tune on the beeb, have to say that I think that the host was attempting to pass on a message or two. Well done 'timebandit' and JD (FP), and others from here that may have contributed, bigtime beargasm stuff. The 'man that would not stop talking'..what a hero, I like to think that it could have been Mr Pebble..ha ha. I wonder how many people actually listen to radio 5 tho'?
  19. Crikey, it sounds like paradise Mr P, apart from the A-sexual bit. What does one require in the way of documentation/visa et al?
  20. Yup, they will just change the rules to suit, absoloodle nonsense, all of it.
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