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  1. Price On Application (I can't keep up with acronym infested language) is used by two opposite poles of any market. For example if you look at the websites of most BMW motorcycle dealers, you'll see "POA" on all their current models. That's because they are embarrassed, and also cagey about the fact that two wheels, a handle bar, engine, seat and a few bits and pieces comes to over £10,000 on the road, or nearer £13,000 if you buy all the extras to make riding a pleasure. This is more than the cost of a reasonably sophisticated car with 4 wheels, large engine, upholstered seats, air conditioning, and hundreds of bits and pieces.

    At the opposite pole "POA" is used to hide the embarrassment of just how cheap as chips, compared with the rest of the perceived market, a certain item is.

    I leave you to guess which pole this one belongs to.


    Er..mmm...I give up...another superb post VP..tks (BTW that means THANKS) :rolleyes:

  2. Thank you. Mervyn's words are very well calculated - but how and when he says them also conveys considerable information.

    We're moving from a liquidity crisis (which the FED and BoE can fix) towards a losses & capital adequacy crisis, which is much harder to solve for central bankers.

    I attempted to reply a number of hours ago but the HPC site seems to have been offline for a while.

    I still do not get it Optobear, where will the real money/liquidity come from?

  3. An astute comment Optobear, I agree that Merv might well be hitting back at GB...but I find the following very worrying:

    ''Mr King also told the conference that he was working on a permanent liquidity facility to replace the three-year £50 billion facility announced in April to help to ease the credit crunch. The new regime could replace the current overnight standing facility that is snubbed by banks that fear the stigma of borrowing from the central bank.''

    Where is the liquidity??

  4. “Following discussions with several parties we have successfully concluded the sale of assets which has secured value for the Company whilst successfully securing continuity of employment for the majority of the Company’s employees. We have tried to minimize the disruption to everyone involved throughout this difficult process and despite the very difficult conditions I am pleased that we have managed to secure the greater number of jobs across the Group.”


    Humberts Group plc tel: 07768 031454

    John McLean, Executive Chairman

    Mercantile Group tel: 07773 373949

    Elizabeth Tagge, BlueIce Communications

    James Money

    Smith & Williamson tel: 020 7131 4228/4550

    Any HPC stalwart brave enough to call one of these mobile numbers and ask for a comment???

  5. Hello all,

    Recently I have been contacted by my fiance friend to buy her house which she is struggling to pay for.

    It is valued at £170000 but the cost to me is £135000 (price paid 4 yrs ago) as a repo is not to far away she needs to sell ASAP.

    The house is in a nice part of town with one of the best schools in the catchment area.

    Only require 60% mortgage on the property, have a good deposit.

    My question to your good selfs is, is this property a good investment cosidering a 10% - 20% drop in property prices forecasted in the next year or so?

    It looks a sure bet at the moment but will my money go even furthur in the near future, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Circumstances can dictate and it really is entirely up to you.

  6. Might even change direction and go for a small yacht and see the world. Who's happy just planting root's for LIFE anyway? ;)

    An interesting idea, nothing else appears to make much more sense in the short/medium...long?? term anyhow..and just think of the stories you will have to tell!!

  7. It's a big company. Have doubts now (incase they sell them to housing association if they can't sell the rest) but would be interested for a low price. Might email them next week with a really low offer - will be interesting to see the outcome. They have been ringing us every week since easter to see if we are still interested in buying them and said they are saving the plot we are interested in LOL!

    Would be good to learn what you decide to do....

  8. Far too dodgy to even begin thinking about buying in the circumstances that you describe. Have you considered the possibility that the developer could go bankrupt between exchange and completion, taking your deposit with them?

    Such an excellent piece of advice for the OP.

    IMHO this kind of information should also be posted to a new topic (FAQs ?) under 'Important Topics'...but then what do I know? :(

  9. Did I hear right, did they go into the break saying "And is the worst now over for the property market?"

    (On the day that worst sales in 30 years are admitted to - to pressure the BoE or whatever)

    How can they possibly think the worst is over? Or even ask that question?

    Dumbing-down TV news, it really is.

    Yes, it's all over, we all had a bit of a wobble, but actually we've all got heaps of millions to spend on a 2-bed terrace in Streatham, we were just pretending to think they were expensive, we were in a collective bad mood, sorry about that, and here's £850,000 for your studio flat in West Hendon...

    Could it be that Rupert and family have a sizeable BTL portfolio? :rolleyes: I really do hope so.

  10. Thanks....whats with the dodgy times....

    There still will be a lot of denial. Brits llluuuuuurrrrvve their homes, please don't crash, please don't crash!!!!


    Canadian emmigrant lady is a classic case for someone who has to sell. So this shows the argument that people will "just not sell" is not applicable to all.

    The lady wanting to move to Canada turned down an offer of £25K below asking price of £210K - did I hear this correctly? :unsure:

  11. Hello all, why would I be reluctant to hit the enter key here???....whatever....I thank all regular posters for providing sufficient bear nosh to keep me sane over the last few months subsequent to completion of the sale of our house. The candid views that you provide on HPC, coupled with excellent humour, are simply priceless.

    Eric for Chancellor?

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