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  1. "'What crisis?" laughs Kristina Grimes... greysquirrel...off to stock up on flowers, jos sticks and a Haynes manual for a VW Campervan.
  2. Er..mmm...I give up...another superb post VP..tks (BTW that means THANKS)
  3. I am obliged to you for the explanation.....I almost understand it now (truthfully) but admit to having a bit of headache! Good night and sleep well
  4. I attempted to reply a number of hours ago but the HPC site seems to have been offline for a while. I still do not get it Optobear, where will the real money/liquidity come from?
  5. An astute comment Optobear, I agree that Merv might well be hitting back at GB...but I find the following very worrying: ''Mr King also told the conference that he was working on a permanent liquidity facility to replace the three-year £50 billion facility announced in April to help to ease the credit crunch. The new regime could replace the current overnight standing facility that is snubbed by banks that fear the stigma of borrowing from the central bank.'' Where is the liquidity??
  6. “Following discussions with several parties we have successfully concluded the sale of assets which has secured value for the Company whilst successfully securing continuity of employment for the majority of the Company’s employees. We have tried to minimize the disruption to everyone involved throughout this difficult process and despite the very difficult conditions I am pleased that we have managed to secure the greater number of jobs across the Group.” Enquiries: Humberts Group plc tel: 07768 031454 John McLean, Executive Chairman Mercantile Group tel: 07773 373949 Elizabeth Tagge, BlueIce Communications James Money Smith & Williamson tel: 020 7131 4228/4550 Any HPC stalwart brave enough to call one of these mobile numbers and ask for a comment???
  7. Apologies...I am not one to use expletives...but WTF??? this sounds like an up market version of the 'solution' suggested earlier in the week by the Welsh Housing Association
  8. I honestly do not know why am bothering to read this
  9. New homes sold with built in NE?? - this is absolutely scandalous
  10. Circumstances can dictate and it really is entirely up to you.
  11. Might even change direction and go for a small yacht and see the world. Who's happy just planting root's for LIFE anyway? An interesting idea, nothing else appears to make much more sense in the short/medium...long?? term anyhow..and just think of the stories you will have to tell!!
  12. Mmmm...strangely alluring...as the TV is not able to transmit pheromones I imagine that it was just what she had to say?
  13. Such an excellent piece of advice for the OP. IMHO this kind of information should also be posted to a new topic (FAQs ?) under 'Important Topics'...but then what do I know?
  14. Could it be that Rupert and family have a sizeable BTL portfolio? I really do hope so.
  15. An eloquent rap across the knuckles for the Financial Sector from MK....It is hard to accept that this refers to the UK economy and not to that of some TPLAC.
  16. And then only if they include a full tank of fuel for your car plus a lifetime supply of tinned food in the deal
  17. ''....this should have an impact''....yes, an utterly imperceptible one
  18. The lady wanting to move to Canada turned down an offer of £25K below asking price of £210K - did I hear this correctly?
  19. Hello all, why would I be reluctant to hit the enter key here???....whatever....I thank all regular posters for providing sufficient bear nosh to keep me sane over the last few months subsequent to completion of the sale of our house. The candid views that you provide on HPC, coupled with excellent humour, are simply priceless. Eric for Chancellor?
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