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  1. The Chinese will still be a hell of a lot cheaper than the UK would be for manufacturing ... at what point to do you see the UK becoming directly competitive and able to out-compete China because up until that point, Chinese inflation just means that things will get more expensive for us.

    As for India, I guess we stand a better chance of being able to compete on services as there's more than just bottom line cost at play there so it might not take as long to become competitive there.

    Would that be when the average family in the UK is able to exist on one bowl of rice per day?

  2. Happy 2011!

    I feel the planets are all lining up for a decent HPC, with tax rises, cuts, unemployment, interest rates, and mainstream media all suggesting only one thing...

    Fingers crossed for a prosperous one. xxx

    All of the signs are in place for an excellent HPC year..bring on interest rate hikes...por favor.

  3. Being told that if you had a healthy attitude, you would enjoy it, is all part of the abuse

    Because we are forced to participate in the economy, most work places are used as 'victim funnels' by established workers with personality disorders (you can't get away from them because they have some hold on the means by which you can pay rent) We could change all this and actually make things more productive at the same time, but many of us have so completely lost our moral / emotional bearings from the continuous cognitive dissonance that we have become emotionally invested in it continuing. If your place of work is only about as bad as being dropped blindfold into a psychiatric ward, you have one of the better work environments available in the UK

    Brilliant post.

  4. the problem were the SIVs ( off balance sheet vehicles) that allowed banks to get a liability and remove it off the balance sheet...this has been largely removed, and they only survive by a change in the accountancy rules where they can still mark to model.

    Of course, new lending will have a value so marking to model will be the same as the mark to market.

    with all this stuff on the balance sheet, Capital Adequacy comes into play so if they want to sell their RMBS they need to be truthful about their claims.

    My apologies BL, but that is all just way too complicated.

    Could you possibly relate this to repossessed homes not being allowed to come on to the market?

  5. Nice.

    You think anyone who didn't buy before now is an idiot and profiteering is completely acceptable.

    Can you show me one other year the price went up 50% in a fortnight?

    As to these idiots who didn't pre-buy, iIt's never crossed your mind that someone may have moved from a house with gas to an house with oil recently? Perhaps someone unemployed and short of cash to buy oil they didn't need in the summer have just got back into work and their finances have improved.

    Don't forget that many may well have had sufficient oil for a normal December/January..dial in the big freeze and, well, things change.

  6. Many on here question media motives. I think that this is a perfect example of how they operate:

    Yesterday the BBC was off on one related to the absurd and unregulated increase in the price of heating oil...profiteering et al, need an enquiry, usual nonsense.

    Today it is spouting off about shortages and the possibility of 'rationing'.

    Net result..be thankful that you actually have a tank full of crazily overpriced heating oil, and don't grumble.

  7. No... it's no good I just don't get it.

    He has got a job to "monitor potential credit and asset bubbles".

    Is there anyone less qualified for the job given what we have in the UK?

    I would rather take my chances with a chimpanzee from PG tips advert.

    Someone needs to tell these people about him - they might have a 14 day cooling off period to cancel it.

    Was anyone less qualified than Tony Blair to take on the role of Middle East Envoy ?

  8. Always happens when there is a change of shift. Nothing special. Depends whether the new mod wants to moderate those topics or not.

    Change of shift?

    Whatever, I accept that this forum has a commercial need but the level of 'policing' of recent has been worrisome

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