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  1. It's like his Guardian article from a few months ago, which to sum up, was, 'keep interest rates low and inflate our way out of problems to prevent house prices dropping'.

    The article itself was poor, but it was his tone that really got to me, he was addressing readers as though they were all homeowners who would hate the idea of house prices dropping, assuming they were as economically illiterate as he clearly is.

    Sorry for ranting.

    Rant on, you make sense.

  2. I know at least 3 people who have closed their Facebook accounts in the last week, admittedly one of them is me.

    Facebook is actually a pain in the **** if you can't be bothered to continuously tweak the security/communication settings. If you don't you just a vomit drenched spew of useless email telling you that some twit you once knew has bought a frikking farmville pig.

    Frankly Facebook is no longer cool and interesting and is only really occupied by the unemployables.

    What an interesting overview of Facebook.

    I have never fully understood quite why it is that people would want to post their news, views, pictures etc on a website available to all and sundry..I do understand that there are various things that can be done to limit access.

    I am told that Facebook is a wonderful way of establishing contact with old 'friends'...In my experience 'friends' tend to stay in touch anyhow, and to me Facebook simply negates the whole point of communication.

  3. I think Merv's hand will be forced before the summer. Food & fuel are going to bury the economy...........IR rises will only bury the debt mechants (only, tragically means most of the population though).

    No easy way out here and they know it.

    Anyway back to old cars and me myself have now got a 1999 Merc CLK320 to run around in - here's the figures :

    Bought it in June last year for £3700, one owner from new and a genuine 59k on the clock.

    Do about 8k a year

    Insurance = £400

    Road Tax = £205 (cars older that March 2001 pay a flat fee of £205 per year over 1.5litre. This is a 3.2....... :o

    25 MPG

    Fuel = Roughly £100 per month

    Have bought a tyre for it since June. Great car and at £3700, well over half the price of a new Fiesta with a shitty engine. B)

    Well done.

    I bought a '94 190e 2.0 auto for £300-00 two years ago, primarily for a replacement diff for my 2.0 manual.

    I am still driving the 2.0 auto, two rear tyres, a number plate bulb and 12000 miles later.

    Insurance £180-00 p.a.

    36mpg on a long run...and it is still a treat to drive.

  4. I think now might be the time to raise interest rates Merv..................Here's the choice he now has -

    A. Raise interest rates to 5%+ and bankrupt those with mortgages.

    B. Let rampant inflation take hold and bankrupt everyone.

    As I don't have a liar loan but have a few bob in a shitty savings account, I'd rather see IR's at 10 fecking percent and 90% of the population busted. I have a vested interest though. ;)

    Either way we are IMHO pretty well fekked..so why not have a bit of fun chatting about old cars :lol:

  5. The rules have been recently changed and are now quite complicated.

    You have to wear an L plate for scooters (over 50cc and up to 125cc).

    Or you can ride a 50cc (30-40 mph max speed) without L plates.

    Driving license is the biggest cash-cow in the UK. I'm waiting for the government to introduce cycling licenses and cyclist insurance, etc...

    Well, there you go, that is a major disincentive for peeps such as I to go 'green'

    I can ride my pushbike without penalty, but not a scooter.

  6. I can't understand why so few people are using scooters in the UK especially for commuting. Bikes in general used to be more popular in the past - what happened here?

    Scooters are fantastic, make you feel good, dirt cheap to run and greener than cars. And sometimes even allow you to skip long traffic jams.

    Vespas are simply fab, but if you can't afford them, there are even better value/price scooters (look up SYM).

    Does one require a motor cycle licence to run a scooter?

    I would have one tomorrow but hate the thought of having to wear 'L' plates at my age

  7. I looked for one some years back, but they were basically all rotten. I opted for a cheap Citroen XM in the end, and that was a fantastic car. It was parked forlornly on a garage forecourt for months and the garage owner couldn't believe his luck when I snapped it up! laugh.gif

    Yes, they all seem to have be consigned to history through rust and lousy build quality, what a shame.

    I drive a '94 Mercedes now, nowhere near as much fun as the Sd1 or 825 but it goes well enough and still passes the MOT test :rolleyes:

  8. Rover 800 series. Haven't seen one of those for ages. They seem to have completely died out. My father had a Rover 800 before he retired. Always quite liked them and thought it was clever how they made the fastback version resemble the brilliant SD1 which it replaced, despite the new model coming from the Honda platform. Last year when looking to replace my Passat looked for a Rover 75 but they still seemed quite pricey on the s/h market.

    The Sd1 was, as you say, a brilliant design, I ran a V8 Vdp for many years, lovely car.

    Likewise, I have not seen an 800 series Rover on the roads for quite a while now, shame really, they were such nice cars (Honda Legend based ?)

  9. La de da..I guess that the point that I am attempting to make is that even 'friendly' local garages have their limitations..The fellow that runs ours admitted to me recently that all of his 'qualified' staff were well up to changing oils/filters etc on modern cars but that they all appreciated it when I took my ancient Mercedes in for its MOT test..it has provided them with an opportunity to battle with a ball joint/suspension mount or two over the years.

  10. No, in the case you mention I could see genuine worry in the owner's eyes when he told me he didn't want to do it. He was worried about what would happen if something went wrong.

    The main dealer quote for a cambelt change (with service) was £980 and this was three years ago so it was not an easy job. Nine hours labour IIRC. It's a Rover 825 with the KV6 engine.

    I eventually got it done by a company called Bourne Performance, who specialise in Porsches, Ferraris etc for around £650, with service.

    When I had my previous car's cambelt changed my garage were happy to do it and the labour charge was £30.

    For general wear and tear, bushes, gaiters, bearings etc a small family-owned garage is still the best bet.

    OK, I am with you now, I also drove a Rover 825 (Italian VM turbo diesel four cylinder) for five years up to 240K miles, loved it to bits until it started to fall apart.

    My local garage is friendly, helpful and useful, but only up to a point, they are happy to MOT our cars, change stuff but anything complicated..forget it.

  11. Hi Folks,

    Does anyone know the very latest score with the "Zenith" apartments development at Porth, Newquay?

    I know the developer went bust around last March time and the Bank of Ireland are trying to shift them on via their Administrators, but after I rather naively put an offer in, I lost a bucketload of money on deposit/surveyor/solicitors costs after I had to back out "rapido" on the basis of the chartered surveyors report and valuation!

    What with holiday letting restrictions (still firmly in place) and "jerry" building visible to a trained eye all over the place I have to ask myself what the famous Cornish comedian Jethro would say about it all? I bet it would be that he wouldn't want a portion of that!

    And also what's going on with "The View" just down the road? £600k? The Bankers must still be at it!

    Any and all inside knowledge and comments would be welcomed and appreciated to soothe my aching head!

    No idea, ask Eric

  12. This is a massive myth about Chinese having a bowl of rice a day. For starters 75% of the population don't eat rice. Rice is grown in the south, wheat (look at Maoist era propaganda), potatoes and oates are staple foods in China. Rice can be grown in the far north but it is dry in the north. You go to Guanzhao and people eat rice porridge for breakfast. Go to Beijing and they eat A wheaty type of porridge.

    Also Chinese people have started to eat a lot more meat a hell of a lot more and in the past 10 years there is a young people's obsesity problem happening in China. Hell go fly out to Beijing and have a look at the people in the Hutong around the 4th and 5th ring roads. They eat communally but have at least a plate of food per person.

    So the bowl of rice myth is just that a myth.

    The big problem with the UK is land and high rents, as demonstrated in many posts Chinese people can rent small homes for $1 a day. Or even less. While how much could you rent on 1/16th of NMW in the UK? ~ £12.95 for a 35hour week.

    Yes, agreed Ken_ichikawa, things change.

    Nevertheless my point remains true, the average family in China have far less requirement for income volume.

  13. Not at all, if you have a good long-term relationship with a garage, they will try to help you out over the phone whenever they can. The garage I use will also source and fit used parts if safety is not an issue to save me the cost of buying manufacturer's parts, and I know enough about machinery to know that they have always given me sound advice as to the condition of my cars, without regard to maximising their income.

    What can I say HM, you have a priceless relationship with your garage that can't be bothered to sort out your cambelts.

    Sorry, but I have also built up relationships with garages over many years, only to have been hit with major disappointments over the last year or so..'too complicated..jeez..i.e: can't be arsed'

  14. Mine did that to me last time, fixed something on the exhaust but wouldn't charge me for it.

    So I thought I would give them something they would have to charge for me - replacing the front tyres as they were close to the limit - and they could charge a mark-up so get some money that way.

    They weren't interested, gave me the card for where they get the tyres changed and say they sent me to get the discount.

    Nice contrast to KwikFit et al who will do anything to screw a few extra quid out of you, these guys have to be persuaded to do the work and then I have to push them to draw up the bill. One thing they're not is rip-off merchants!

    There is the English way..why?

  15. The garage I usually use declined to change the cambelts on my car because it was too complicated for them, and they are a proper car mechanic garage authorised to do MOTs and with a workshop full of tools. I will do a fair bit on my car but it isn't like doing something on a 1960s Morris or Austin.

    Don't you just love it when your local garage gives you advice..i.e..feck off and sort it out for yourself.

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