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  1. What an interesting overview of Facebook. I have never fully understood quite why it is that people would want to post their news, views, pictures etc on a website available to all and sundry..I do understand that there are various things that can be done to limit access. I am told that Facebook is a wonderful way of establishing contact with old 'friends'...In my experience 'friends' tend to stay in touch anyhow, and to me Facebook simply negates the whole point of communication.
  2. Well done. I bought a '94 190e 2.0 auto for £300-00 two years ago, primarily for a replacement diff for my 2.0 manual. I am still driving the 2.0 auto, two rear tyres, a number plate bulb and 12000 miles later. Insurance £180-00 p.a. 36mpg on a long run...and it is still a treat to drive.
  3. Fair enough, so what point were you attempting to make?
  4. No ways fellow, what is it with the negative waves?..have you had a bad day?
  5. Either way we are IMHO pretty well fekked..so why not have a bit of fun chatting about old cars
  6. Lovely set of wheels HM, I had an 825D saloon same shape as yours, 240k miles before it expired, and that was with power steering and other hassles, not the VM engine.
  7. Oh yes, the P5, (not P5B) I had one of those too..'L' head inline six, actually a Land Rover engine..smooth as silk.
  8. It was indeed a brilliant design, I never drove a 2600 but our 3.5 V8 Vdp was just fabulous, particularly so when the rear silencer box fell off.
  9. Well, there you go, that is a major disincentive for peeps such as I to go 'green' I can ride my pushbike without penalty, but not a scooter.
  10. Does one require a motor cycle licence to run a scooter? I would have one tomorrow but hate the thought of having to wear 'L' plates at my age
  11. Yes, they all seem to have be consigned to history through rust and lousy build quality, what a shame. I drive a '94 Mercedes now, nowhere near as much fun as the Sd1 or 825 but it goes well enough and still passes the MOT test
  12. The Sd1 was, as you say, a brilliant design, I ran a V8 Vdp for many years, lovely car. Likewise, I have not seen an 800 series Rover on the roads for quite a while now, shame really, they were such nice cars (Honda Legend based ?)
  13. I have just driven past a service station on the M5 near Bristol..unleaded £1:49 per litre.
  14. La de da..I guess that the point that I am attempting to make is that even 'friendly' local garages have their limitations..The fellow that runs ours admitted to me recently that all of his 'qualified' staff were well up to changing oils/filters etc on modern cars but that they all appreciated it when I took my ancient Mercedes in for its MOT test..it has provided them with an opportunity to battle with a ball joint/suspension mount or two over the years.
  15. OK, I am with you now, I also drove a Rover 825 (Italian VM turbo diesel four cylinder) for five years up to 240K miles, loved it to bits until it started to fall apart. My local garage is friendly, helpful and useful, but only up to a point, they are happy to MOT our cars, change stuff but anything complicated..forget it.
  16. Yes, agreed Ken_ichikawa, things change. Nevertheless my point remains true, the average family in China have far less requirement for income volume.
  17. What can I say HM, you have a priceless relationship with your garage that can't be bothered to sort out your cambelts. Sorry, but I have also built up relationships with garages over many years, only to have been hit with major disappointments over the last year or so..'too complicated..jeez..i.e: can't be arsed'
  18. And probably laugh his **** off at the thought of one attempting to follow his instructions.
  19. Don't you just love it when your local garage gives you advice..i.e..feck off and sort it out for yourself.
  20. I wish. Truthfully, the landed gentry here are so well entrenched in corruption that they will never really be challenged by any civil eruption.
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