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  1. Sorry RB..but the only thing that has dented Sterling so far has been Merv and his merry men.
  2. It intrigues meself that two somewhat unfamiliar words have entered the mainstream media recently: Filibuster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filibuster Gerrymandering http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerrymandering Should anyone desire to witness the (almost unbeliviably insidious) happenings within the House of Lords then tune in to the appropriate BBC channel. IMHO, the coalition need not look further than this geriatric nonsense (albeit possibly well intended) to find ways of saving shed loads of taxpayer’s money. Plus side is that Michael Martin has not yet contributed anything to the House, surprise surprise.
  3. This is, quite frankly, astounding. Read it and weep Y'all.
  4. I couldn't agree more, but having said that we for the first time in a decade purchased our Xmas turkey from Tesco rather than our local butchery. Saved over £70-00 and TBH couldn't taste any difference.
  5. I watched his interview on the BBC earlier today and he did indeed share many views with most on HPC. Must say that it did my soul good to hear such candid words from a politician. Will anyone listen tho'
  6. Too right RB, in our experience certificates are issued by either Fortis, Zurich or a.n. other that I cant recollect, irrespective of whom we contact to arrange motor insurance. Rip off, all of it.
  7. Priced to sell = reality has kicked in.
  8. Are Ryanair not set to resume flying from Newquay at the end of March?
  9. Nice one, I do feel better now.
  10. Agreed, I can't believe that we are in precisely the same quandry after a change of government, nothing changes. Oh , yes, the wages thing..too right..witness the 'summit' at Number 10 today..a nation of shopkeepers indeed.
  11. Watched 'thin lipped' bankster Cameron and unwitting clone Clegg on the telly this evening..spiced up with a bit of Ed and the shadow chancellor fellow.. Have to say that I really am starting to despair for the future of this country, not a statesman in sight , just a number of hapless politicians with little to offer, other than that they are prepared to say little of any real value. Even Vince C has proven himself to be a dimwit. Liars, scammers, featherers of nests..all of 'em. Where do we go from here?
  12. Good post Frenchy, it in a roundabout way it kinda summarises what most on here are talking about.
  13. My Avatar is a picture of a '56 Ford Fairlane V8 that I drove on the road for many years and eventually destroyed on a racing circuit...all good fun. I have never owned a Hawk or Snipe, but remember the family Sceptre well, it had lots of chrome and the dashboard was littered with interesting dials..a delicate little stalk on the steering column engaged overdive..lovely. I ran Peugeot 404 (Farina design) saloon in the late 70's , well, it looked similar to an Austin A60 but drove very well indeed.
  14. A treat indeed to read such a lucid post CB, I think that you ought to consider writing a book about your experiences..
  15. One need not look further than this reply for the truth.
  16. Link por favor. 24% fall in sales, and that with the popularity of the 500..unreal
  17. I think that we share a generation HM, and enthusiasm for older vehicles. I wish that I still owned my Triumph Vitesse, Rover 3 litre, Sunbeam Alpine, Rover Sd1, '56 Fairlane, Humber Sceptre, Lancia Flaminia et al. Truth is that we enjoyed them when they were just about viable..and that having either of them rusting away in a garage would be a pain.
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