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  1. I could not agree more, we live in FarceLand.
  2. Edit..exasperation.. This guy is as deserved of a place in the house of lords as that other uselessness Michael Martin.
  3. What an insightful, well written and pertinent post. The figures are thoroughly depressing, and 'living within our means' is a phrase that a generation or two consider only as being 'old fashioned'.
  4. That would be nice, cheers. You have been rather active on here this evening, all good stuff.
  5. 'What a mess' nicely describes to me the whole fiasco that we are experiencing.
  6. [quote name='eightiesgirly' timestamp='1307482922' post='3013709' What a mess. Yes
  7. The IMF/World bank forced an 'Economic Structural Adjustment Programme' on Zimbabwe in the early 90's.. Quote from article: When at the outset of ESAP in 1991, ZANU (PF) abandoned its mild social welfarism of the 1980s to go into partnership with the World Bank as Africa's newest reform-oriented star performer, the party promised reduced unemployment, less bureaucratic red tape, higher productivity and rapid wealth creation. The price for rapid development, it cautioned, was short-term deepening hardship in the form of social services cutbacks, skyrocketing consumer prices, the swamping of local markets with imports and sharp temporary increases in unemployment. But while suffering over the last five years proved even more intense, widespread and chronic than the state initially predicted, the pay-offs did not materialize. Five years on, most of government's promises remain unfulfilled, while the hardship of ordinary Zimbabweans seems without end. Despite its comparatively high-performing economy over much of the 1980s, Zimbabwe now appears firmly lodged in a quagmire of mounting debt, generally inadequate growth and plummeting living standards. Most macroeconomic indicators show continued overall decline and little relief on the horizon. Sound familiar? Full article here: http://www.africafiles.org/article.asp?ID=3896
  8. How is it possible that a nation with a population of over 1.3 Billion people can have its economy destroyed as a result of investment in debt? Debt is an illusion.
  9. I do the same, often, rev up the engine, turn my baseball cap backwards and drop the clutch letting the engine stall..well, it amuses me.
  10. Wall Street aside the same would apply here..methinks.
  11. Gordon Brown was indeed a complete joke of a PM, a travesty, an embarrassment. Tony Blair engineered all of this, and any mistakes re the banks etcetera are of his making.
  12. Unless, of course, you have a Renault Clio with a cartridge filter.. Edit. to correct nature of oil filter.
  13. Fair enough, nevertheless, I had never heard of Paul Torday until a few days ago, can't help but feel that he is a kindred spirit.
  14. I picked up a copy of 'The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers' by Paul Torbay from our local library a few days ago and read it this morning. Feeling much better now.
  15. This is staggering news, The desperately sad results of an invisible Tsunami, caused by decades of inept governance and bankster greed.
  16. An effort to get this thread back 'on topic' Fuel prices are IMO the true devil. Anecdotal perhaps but I overheard a tanker driver at our local ( North Cornwall ) Jet station this afternoon, chatting to the proprietor he said that he has never been as quiet as this, with so few delivery needs he has clocked off at midday three times this week...
  17. Nice one SM.. I think that most peeps are reasonably happy with playing the game as long as there is a fair return. Times are a changing tho', and I wonder how long peeps in the UK are going to continue putting up with 'legalised theft'.
  18. Why don't we do the obvious and improve/modify/repackage/add value to and export our inflation then..I am shocked that our banksters haven't figured out some way of doing this....yet.
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