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  1. Cheers pm..but has this been discussed on here so far? And, if not then why not?
  2. This has had me simmering quietly for a while now: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16430795 http://news.sky.com/home/business/article/16142805 http://www.metro.co.uk/news/886445-workers-gave-bosses-2billion-hours-of-unpaid-overtime-in-2011-says-tuc Can't see that it has been discussed on here, so far.
  3. Succinct, and perfect. Ask yourself this: What has your bank ever done for you?
  4. Great to see you on form again Mr Pebble.
  5. If I were able to venture into the future I should like to see how the outgoing PM of Greece is recorded in the history books. Could it be that George Papendreou will be hailed as the last person to advocate democracy in Europe? I wonder what the rewards for his resignation were.
  6. 'Tis the British way, media propaganda et al, there is no place here for peeps with independant thought.
  7. 'This culture of greed and the concerted effort to target certain sectors of society shows the underbelly of British culture for what it is: a mockery of social justice for the world's oldest democracy. Where the hell is our 'responsible' government? No wonder people here are so miserable.' Such poignant words. IMHO we don't have a government, just a facade of such which is entirely populated by [email protected]#oles happily coining it as the ship continues to sink.
  8. So many astute and considered posts on this thread, yet so far no mention of the Catholic Church as a VI
  9. Fun thread, full of an unusual amount of entertaining and good hearted nonsense. Just watch out should them Taliban fellows choose to row up the Thames in a canoe...and we don't have a warship to take 'em on. Scandalous.
  10. Try telling that to our friends who lost all of their savings... Concorde Fallacy: Name given by evolutionary biologists to a form of suboptimal behaviour found among wasps and policymakers.
  11. [quote name='interestrateripoff' timestamp='1317410476' post='3133876' Anyone got anything more concrete that the Germans are printing Euro's? Eh?
  12. Agreed TMT, but it is well worth reading the comments to get a better understanding..excerpt below: The person walking away loses too, they lost their house and all the payments they have made and their down payment. I have friends in California who 'walked away' a year ago, they purchased at the top of the bubble and lost their lifetime savings (deposit) as a result.
  13. I don't think that this will happen, way too much resistance from the peeps..
  14. Snip: “the market is collapsing faster than any fundamentals would warrant.” What, exactly, is a fundamental, and why would it warrant anything? Gobbledygook, all of it IMHO.
  15. Agree entirely that the UK is pissant in all this, but please could you elucidate regarding big money and more spectacular gains?
  16. Agreed. It isn’t that long ago that Vince Cable was the only MP that made any sense in the House of Commons, an HPC hero? Given a role in Government he has transformed into an aged and hopeless numpty, devoid of respect from all quarters. Sad really, but inevitable.
  17. Succinct, you have it one, nothing else is of consequence to these 'elected' pillocks.
  18. You left out 'vigilance'..otherwise a truly inspirational and brilliantly appropriate post, I wish that I had your way with words.
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