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  1. Oh yes, the Citroen GS Club, a whole 1220cc of raw boxer energy....I drove one of these from Harare in Zimbabwe all the way to Lusaka Zambia, it was a very comfortable car and handled the potholes and corrugated dirt roads brilliantly.
  2. Many thanks to the OP for this link If Greg Smith is sufficiently contrite perhaps he could add his presence and support to the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  3. Debt recovery correspondence is invariably marked ' private and confidential', and should provide a return address. It is actually illegal to open confidential mail. No point in worrying about it..just return to sender after scribbling something like 'not at this address' on the envelope.
  4. Hey Paddles, Did you ever get to venture out to the Med on a catamaran?
  5. It amuses me that the response to this incident from the owner of the company that provides the bungee jump experience from the Victoria Falls bridge was: ''The broken cord has been replaced''
  6. So, one presumes that you do not know of any people that were required to sign a contract limiting their payable hours to 37.5 per week in order to secure employment.
  7. Very few people do, but that really is not the point.. If the news reports are to be believed then TWENTY NINE BILLION pounds of unpaid overtime was worked last year in the UK. So, who benefits from it hey?
  8. OK, do you know of any people that were required to sign a contract of employment that specifically denied them from expecting recompense for any hours 'worked' over 37.5 hours per week?
  9. Well done, good to know that some people have made sense of it all.
  10. It appears that most people do..read the news articles.
  11. Goodonya, seriously, well done for beating the 'system' 5-10 hours unpaid work per week over twelve years..based on 5 hours times five days at minimum wage that is over £100,000 lost income to you.
  12. Have you taken the time to read the news items that I provided links to in the OP?
  13. Agreed, nevertheless one could on occassion require income despite mistrust. You know what I am talking about Injin.
  14. You are either a Saint or a product. I respect you for being content with whatever it is that you have.
  15. Truth is that people here don't have the option, they either sign up for work on the understanding that they will merrily work additional hours without pay or, probably, don't secure the job.
  16. I don't actually know if I ought to to agree with you or not.
  17. Goodonya C I M, Likewise, I worked in many countries other than here..thank goodness. Nevertheless. what on earth does your post have to do with unpaid overtime in the UK?
  18. Well, why not just advertise the job as such?
  19. I am not actually saying anything much other than that one ought to read the news and understand that one could well be being exploited.
  20. I share your experience. Please take time to look at the figures tho'.
  21. But isn't this precisely what people are expected to do here? Do you get the point?
  22. Well, yes and no..**** them indeed, but isn't it the truth that many, many people put in extra hours without any reward other than the hope of keeping their jobs?
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