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  1. I have recently removed one of the opposing mirrors from our bathroom..too depressing.
  2. You have obviously brought your children up well, all that we get is a basket of washing...and bills.
  3. The point that I am attempting to make is that one not need ought to make use of such places purely to take a leak.
  4. Re OP: 'Interesting isn't it - instead of announcing publicly large job losses/cuts you create, allegedly, an air of fear, suspicion and competition amongst your workforce.' This is not peculiar to the public sector.
  5. Who needs graphs/charts? Your summary is infinitely more edifying. Good work.
  6. London sucks for a visitor, pay for this, pay for that...pay some more..nowhere to park, or take a leak. The lack of public 'conveniences' in central London astonishes me.
  7. Bude...I don't live there but know it well. North coast Atlantic weather (almost invariably lousy), mickey mouse town centre, long drive to any of the main roads. Makes Launceston look positively peachy IMHO
  8. Well worth wading through comments under: http://conservativeh...he-nimbies.html
  9. Recently observed obfuscation terminology: Inventory adjustment Accounting rules It really is all ******
  10. Nice, balanced retort...but lookee here: "The suspicion going forward is that manufacturing will lose momentum," Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight, told Reuters. "There are hints that the second quarter may have been the peak of manufacturing activity. And certainly the inventory adjustment will probably soon come to an end."
  11. Mods..where have you moved the thread to?
  12. Same old same old. Utter and irresponsible incompetence. Until recently I believed (hoped?) that this country had something special going for it, i.e. clever fellows at the helm.. What a joke England has become.
  13. No dought (sic) you are right, but I doubt that most people on here have a problem with her buying a home.
  14. Bring back Gordon eksay..erm..not. What the hell is it with this country, the fellows in the picture are actually 'in charge' of the circumstances of all who live here.. Freakin' abysmal that this pair of clowns (at least Clegg ain't in the pic) are the best that we could come up with.
  15. I like your style, Ultimately it really is all greedy, self serving mind boggling boll0cks.
  16. Oblique thread this.. IMHO the Tory 'Housing Minister' interviewed by the Beeb this morning was exceptionally well skilled in wibblespeak. What a complete [email protected] Hate to admit it but this' koalalotion' gummint is starting to make me feel uneasy.
  17. Quite the opposite, it is very privet.
  18. That would be good..but I guess that 'they' and 'allow' tells the full story.
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