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  1. It was Fairlane clear to Bob Dylan years ago: 'They don’t make nothin’ here no more You know, capitalism is above the law It say, “It don’t count ’less it sells” When it costs too much to build it at home You just build it cheaper someplace else
  2. I guess that it will never happen, such peeps will simply cease to exist (on paper anyhow) The HPC Sun and Golf resort in Spain sounds like a tremendously good plan..where do I sign up?
  3. A chicken ain't a pastie..jeez...wasn't this tax supposed to raise additional rip-off monies for warm freakin' pies? This thread just illustrates how totally fubared we all are..
  4. Ja, it is just so obvious that they are ramping up the patriotic importance of peeps being dutifully ripped off for the sake of the blessed economy.
  5. Lookee here: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31821100.html Virtually derelict property, planning permission for two other homes tho' All this for a mere £650,000
  6. If I had taken the time to put together a post such as this I would have said similar. Well done P E..
  7. You are, as usual, entirely correct Mr Pebbles. However, what you do not address is the artificial social mediahypednonsense 'need' for people to actually be on the housing ladder...all else is deemed as failure in this godawful country.
  8. Eh? Whatever, I kinda get your drift but think that you are directing it at possibly the wrong age group
  9. I guess that the House of Lords was established to filter and smooth out any rash decisions made by whippersnappers elected into the House of Commons. Not a bad idea really.
  10. So, not only do we have LIAR LOANS (courtesy of Eric) We have a LIAR GOVERNMENT with a majority of LIAR POLITICIANS who seem to favour the LIAR BANKERS.. What a lovely country we live in.
  11. Anyone else notice how quickly that the vote for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the libor 'scandal' was followed by an announcement that the SFO was to undertake more vigorous inquiries with the potential for criminal investigations? The latter rather makes the former pointless...as no doubt intended by our lords and masters..eksay.
  12. Ah So? Barclays just played a different game, they were equally as insolvent as the others at the time. (My apologies for the dupilcate post earlier)
  13. Any guesses as to how long it will be before Bob Diamond crosses the pond once again and is made CEO of another facility within Barclays?
  14. Barclays..a perfectly solvent bank? Don't believe all that you read
  15. Barclays..a perfectly solvent bank? Don't believe all that you read
  16. The inquiry today was a farce, this from a 'select' committee, what a travesty. Totally inept questioning of a very well prepared person by a collection of obviously either unprepared or intellectually inferior people. An embarrassment for the people of this country.
  17. It amazes me that the true culprit for all of this mess..'Teflon' Tony Blair ..(Gordon Brown was IMHO a mere hopeless muppet), continues to rake in the money, act as advisor to J.P. Morgan, and even retains a role in politicking...scandalous. Freakin' unbelievable, but there you go.
  18. Perhaps the French peeps have got it right, like, look after your own etc. We were in France recently with our Honda car which has always been totally reliable..until it freaked out in Lille..It was like we were from a different planet. ''Je ne suis pas intéressé.''
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