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  1. The very low/non-existent levels of transactions in KT2 tells me one thing: if you want to sell, you better reduce the price
  2. February 2009 sales data for KT2 shows only four (!!) properties sold. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a rather low figure? Especially considering all the local EAs (Lords et. al.) were telling me they were shifting loads of properties at the time. Anyway, does anyone know anything about any of them? Figures seem rather low to me. 1 20/02/2009 £66,000 Flat L No Map Carisbrooke House, Flat 20, Royal Quarter, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 5BS Properties for sale near KT2 5BS 2 18/02/2009 £220,000 Semi F No Map 41, Bearfield Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 5ET Properties for sale near KT2 5ET 3 06/02/2009 £200,000 Flat F No Map 43, Acre Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 6ER Properties for sale near KT2 6ER 4 03/02/2009 £294,000 Semi F No Map 231, Kings Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 5JH Properties for sale near KT2 5JH
  3. I had the same question as you about 6 months ago. The numbers don't seem right. I think it comes down to how the BBC calculate the average -- all house saless are lumped together (flats/terraced/detached) and it's simply the average of this number. So, if no flats sell in a given period it would appear that the average house price has increased (because flats tend to be cheaper than houses). Hope this helps.
  4. That's easy. Just get your arms and legs amputated.
  5. Are you trying to say that Gordon needs to bailout the mining companies as well? Don't give him ideas...
  6. It's so infuriating. It should be obvious to anyone with a little bit of common sense that this huge debt mountain is the cause?! All this financial jiggery pokery is pushing numbers around on a spreadsheet...they still don't add up (well they do, but the number is very red).
  7. Good point -- there is no such thing as a 'cheeky offer', it's just a realistic valuation of the property.
  8. Thanks for the feedback -- nice to get a second point of view (the missus is always illogical so can't really reason with her about houses!). Think I'm fairly convinced to sit tight for now....
  9. Hi all - I've been following the current financial tsunami with great interest, being a FTB buyer etc. My current feeling is now would be good time to put in a few offers (albeit massively reduced ones). Anyway, what do you guys reckon? I'm thinking 2007 prices - 30% (back to 2002/3) would be fair. Am I insane?
  10. Hi all... I've been looking at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...html/houses.stm -- it's the BBC website showing house price breakdown by area/postcode. What confuses me, is that is shows a +ve yearly gain on most house prices in most areas...has anyone else noticed this? Shouldn't that site reflect the -ve yearly house prices as reported by Halifax/Nationwide?
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