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  1. Fantastic opportunity to buy a detached House Very convenient as well. JP
  2. Good on you,9%, more like a gentle slap.
  3. Quick search on right move 712 properties for sale, 1/4 mile from my postcode(NW7),2K-6K beat that!(trying to put of a trip to the Supermarket.)
  4. I live in a rented house with Apple Trees,how do i make Cider without a Press? Friend suggested fill a Sack with the Apples in and run over it,not sure how i collect the juice though.
  5. -1Million Sat Jul 19 11:38:16 2008 * Brief Description changed: This beautifully appointed and bespoke built home sits on a plot of almost an acre. Set behind a commanding frontage in the heart of Mill Hill, the stylish living and entertaining space connects seamlessly to a substantial self contained annex. There is also an all weather tennis court. * Price changed: £5,500,000 Offers in Excess of £4,500,000
  6. I am! Worked for a while,now says initial info not found, i'm on a Mac haven't a clue really,feeling great though. JP
  7. My Savings are (hopefully!) earmarked as a Deposit on a House, as the Price keeps dropping,my Money will buy more. Should i change Career and become a Financial Guru? JP
  8. 106 properties to let in NW7 £1000-£2000. Many have been on 3 months or more.
  9. I like the Dining room,Cornflakes for 2 facing the Wall.
  10. This Property in Mill Hill was on the Market Last Year for 2.7M now 2M.When you read the details it looks like the owner has done a runner with 4 Bathrooms and a Kitchen! and anything that wasn't bolted down.
  11. Hi, I signed and tenancy agreement 3 Weeks ago and paid my Deposit to the letting Agent.(High St EA) I have not heard from them about the 3rd party agreement for my Deposit. How should i proceed ?
  12. I saw this house in Jan 2008-asking price £320,000,one careful pre-war owner who saw fit to leave in original condition! sold at Auction in Sept 2007 for £213,000,so quite a mark up. Now they are asking £275,000.In the present condition they'll be lucky to get £200,000Please buy me
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