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  1. No.1 if you have lived in it as your main residence then rent it out for 3 years you wont pay any tax when you sell it
  2. this is exactly what i have said before on here the official figures never correspond to what actually happens on the streets in the 90,s were i lived they dropped at least 25% some new estates dropped 50%
  3. citylink have new management in place and will turn it around Q2 making BIG inroads into cutting costs and improving customer service get some shares NOW !
  4. by the way his name is pronounced Madeoff as in made off with the cash
  5. your probably unemployed claimin benefiits or a f***in sad act loser scum
  6. he was on 5 live today someone asked him about woolies shares he wouldnt answer and was very abrupt
  7. how bad is it going to get, anyone know how bad repo's were last time around u.s versus u.k i.e early 90's
  8. Talking a lot on here about u.s repo,s and how it will come to us. I cant see it getting as bad as over there, does anyone know what figures were repo,s in u.s compared to u.k last time around early 90,s so as to get an idea how bad it will get.
  9. talking to bmw finance about my sisters 2006 x5 she was worried about her residual being to high compared to what the car was worth due up next year this guy said ttell her to give us aring and we will take it off her hands i said what about the shortfall he said dont worry about that we will take the knock whats this all about?
  10. to be frank you will be lucky if you get 70k for it but if you can hang in there last time i.e early 90's mortgage companies allowed you to take you neg equity over to your next property should be the same next time
  11. do we see a new opening here for mortgage brokers to make a killing?
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