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  1. flippin heck! a couple of weeks ago i enquired at my mortgage provider about switching to a fixed rate from the tracker i have now and the product fee was something like 300 quid.....i think 'okay, i'll get that sorted out in the next week or two', got a bit busy with work etc and didn't get round to doing it for maybe a month and now the fees are a grand (that includes 2,3 abd 5 year fixed). does this mean anything?? are they expecting a big rise in interest rates soon, or are they just looking to rip off the maximum number of people wanting to fix at low rates?
  2. are you the fella that wrote "grip of death"? sounds like you've nicked his idea!
  3. just outta interest what part of the pharma industry is this? i work in R&D and there's certainly no skills shortage, added to the fact that the industry's on the verge of collapse in this country.
  4. i'd have to say it's a fair bit warmer in africa than it is in the UK at the moment. so there are plus points to being born there.
  5. i think the only way to make your home made curry like the restaurant's is to use ghee. but then if you get into the habit of using ghee you're gonna die an early death caused by furred up arteries. stick to 1 cal per spray oil! thinking about it, for the recipe i posted earlier i believe jaggery (anyone confirm this?) is a better ingredient to add sweetness to a dhansak in place of the pineapple and honey. that dhansak recipe is amazing if you change the chicken for minced lamb and chopped potato and cook in the oven for an hour btw. you really wanna serve it with parathas.....i think they're meant to be made with wholemeal flour but use plain - much nicer. 110g flour, 15g butter, add water to make a dough. roll into a circle, cut with a knife from the centre to the outside and fold round and round in a triangle shape. squash it back down then roll into a circle again. 'paint' with melted butter, fry in that side on a moderate heat, paint the topside, turn over etc....takes about 3-5 mins....really addictive.....
  6. i'm sorry i can't sit by and read these recipes without sticking my oar in. you're doing it all wrong - of course the sauce will be watery if you only chop your onions then add some tomatoes. the key to a proper curry sauce is to blend the onions. a base sauce for 2 - chop and gently fry a large onion, add 1 inch piece of ginger peeled and chopped and 2 cloves of garlic. once it's all softened add 100ml water and blend with a hand blender. take a tbsp and a half of curry powder, mix with water so it's a goo and fry that for a few minutes then mix that with the sauce. next bit is to add the relevent spices. for a dhansak (for 2) - add 150ml lentils (rinsed if you want to) and 300 ml water to the base sauce along with 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp dried fenugreek and chili powder to taste and get that cooking for about 25 mins. then seperately stir fry half a tsp turmeric and a tsp cumin seeds for 20-30 secs, add 2 chopped chicken breasts and seal them. add to the base sauce / lentils. cook for 15 mins and prior to serving add 1/2 a tbsp lemon juice, 3 finely chopped pineapple cubes (only 3 cubes - have the rest of the tin for afters!), 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp garam masala. mix in heat thru and serve.
  7. injin.....surely the credit fueled house price boom of that last several years would provide an argument against that statement?
  8. many thanks for posting this. after viewing this and then clicking on several related videos on youtube i discovered the mexican weathergirl Sugey Abrego. she's well worth watching.
  9. confounded - go for mead, it's dead easy. all you need is honey, yeast, nutrient and water (plus flavouring eg fruit). just make sure you clear it properly. loads of recipes and info on here - www.gotmead.com
  10. i've stockpiled about a months worth of food so far....felt like a right nutter loading my trolley with 10's of tins and packets of dried stuff. one thing that's concerning me tho is wtf am i gonna do if i can't cook all my chick peas, mung beans and rice if there's no water or power??! anyone got any suggestions for cooking-free long-life food? oh, a suggestion for all you stockpilers - don't forget to get a tin opener.
  11. yeah this story's complete nonsense - 20's, 50's, 70's all in the same place?! although i wouldn't mind getting my hands on the copy of 'titbits' they kept showing...
  12. apologies for not being more constructive on only my second post....but wtf are you on?
  13. ello....been lurking for a long time....currently waiting for the bottom of the market so i can finally get out of my slave box that i bought in '01 for something bigger....either that or i'm leaving the country, whichever comes first i guess!
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