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  1. Took a cab last week when in a rush trying to catch the last train - only 200m - driver also didn't bother turning on the metre, he said "call it a fiver"....! Took another black cab at the weekend from central london after a night out (have done the same journey before and it costs between £25-£30). He took a really round about route (ignored our protests), refused to put the heating on, and we were charged £40. :angry: Next time I will haggle with a minicab - get the fee set in stone and race home in comfort. Stuff The Knowlege - black cabbies are ripp-off, whinging old gits, soon-to-be replaced by tomtom weilding eager to please imigrants - can't wait.....!
  2. tenner lady or not - that really made me laugh
  3. Took £10k cash out of my bank today - didn't give them notification. They grumbled a bit but obliged in the end. Friday drinks on me!
  4. Churchill Estates at the Bakers Arms, Leytonstone - shut down.
  5. Bought a live-aboard 4 years ago - 50ft mfv, £35k. Loved it initially but the work required became too much. Sold it 2 years later for £78k (cheeky but it went quickly). Houses had also shot up massively in the same period so as a holiday home it could seem quite cheap. The boat next door has been for sale for about a year and half - no takers despite price drops......
  6. all_ears


    Deeeeeeerrrrrrrrr....... sorry - I meant property snake. I am somewhat hungover this morning - left my brain at home
  7. all_ears


    I have seen some property on for 340 days and they have only reduced the asking price by 1% Does this demonstrate bloody mindedness on the part of the vendor or sheer stupidity - why have a property the market that long if you don't want to sell it?! I wondered how long propertybee had been around - and therefore how far back price drops have been tracked?
  8. I am dizzy with joy. It's friday. I am leaving work the second after I post this. And HPC hits mainstream headlines. Have a great weekend everyone.
  9. I agree. I read this site with relish because it reinforces what I believe will happen and what I want to happen. Aware that I may be falling into a trap of immersing myself in selfcongratulational blinkered nonsense, I initially tried to temper my time here with more balanced views. Problem was that anything that resembled an alternative view point was blatently from a VI. Anyway, this place is more fun and we are right! Even my stepmum, "you can do no wrong with bricks and mortar" is now on my side.
  10. http://www.nestoria.co.uk/ip12/property/rent I have been tracking property and rental prices in Woodbridge, Suffolk for some time. This link shows a 20% drop in cute 1 and 2 bed houses for rent. Before xmas you could get nothing for below £600pcm. Given that its a prime second home area I wondered whether this was evidence of them deciding to rent out or a BTL glut? Anyone else seen anything similar?
  11. http://news.assetz.co.uk/articles/4210.html
  12. My girlfriend and I both have an ISA with Halifax. When sorting through our finances I noticed she had been charged tax on her interest. Told her to ring them and sort it. They said to destroy all records and they would rectify their mistake. That was a month ago - still no response. How on earth could they make such a mistake? And why the big deal getting it sorted? Anyone had any similar problems?
  13. Hello. I have been reading this site since october last year. The reason i ended up here is that during the last crash I sat and watched my parents fall victim - they lost their home/business/pensions. It changed everything for the worse. It half destoyed my Dad - who previously had been a selfmade confident man. It made me somewhat distrusting re house buying. I look back and see how they got suckered into believing their property was worth so much money just because an EA said so. Anyway, ghastly interest rates/bridgeing loan/poor decision making/house crash - left them with only a pot to pi$$ in. It makes me cautious and determined not to make the same mistakes. It drives my partner mad cos she thinks i don't want to commit with her and buy a house. Thank god for the more recent house price index data! She now believes what I have been banging on about for the last 3 years. We have been renting and saving........... and waiting to pounce! This site and the people on it have made me laugh and in a funny way given me confidence to stick to my guns and not cave in and buy a disaster waiting to happen.
  14. These people are deadful. I got a similar turn up of the nose when I went round a new development (she looked me up and down twice - not in a good way). Working in sales, it's idiotic to prejudge. She will no doubt get what she deserves - undoubtedly she is already handicapped by the cretinous mind she was born with.
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