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  1. I have posted on our local papers story about this, sheer insanity. Does anyone know how much they are asking for these flats? Cruddas Park is grim, I used to work in mental health and have spent a fair bit of time in these blocks.The locals will see the new residents as easy pickings, there is nothing in the area for "young profesionals", it is benefits central. "Riverside Dene", its not by the river and its not a dene. I seem to remember Newcastle City Council are also financing a private hotel, thats the Lib Dems for ya!
  2. You said the open market, this has now changed. The main point of this site is that housing cost are massively distorted by a varity of powerfull vested interests to raise housing costs, are you really claiming that is an open market? Patronising ****.
  3. I have no idea. It's funny how another topic claiming a rent of £180 a month ( which i have my doubts about) has now become the council norm on here. In 2000 i was homeless and went to Newcastle City Council, they had loads of empty propertys and were desperate for tenants.I eventually got a small 2 bed room maisonette in a roughish area.By 2005 the rent was £75 a week, I understand it is now around £100 a week. This for a 1930's block which will have been paid for many times over, how this is subsidised is beyond me. How strange that on a site which campaigns (or used to) for affordable housing there are so many against low rents! I am sure many of you are looking forward to seeing old people dragged from their rented homes, down with tenants rights, eh? HPC, the provisional wing of the Daily Mail.
  4. Not sure what they mean, a few years ago I was informed by my council that rents were to go up by the maximum allowed to try and bring them into line with private rents. But i was not to worry as 2/3 of tennants had their rent paid by benefits so they would not lose out. So raising rents will cost more, not less, at least round here.
  5. was not Alnwick voted one of the best places to live in England? Ashington is more or less the same.
  6. The second is a guide price for auction, i still don't understand why people prtend these are the real prices. The 3 bed semi is for a %40 equity share.
  7. Perhaps others here are unaware of the strange goings on with pattinsons online and real auctions. What is the point of a guide price if it is less than the reserve?!!
  8. or a bit more.either way it is not a £30 000 house, nor is it on the outskirts of newcastle for that matter. Any idea what the buyers premium is, without it how can we know what its real price will be? I would be well pleased if a HPC was to arrive, but pretending auction guide prices are the real price is pointless.
  9. Whats wrong with it? It is sitting at £30 000 now in the online auction, it will probably go higher before/during the real auction. This is not a £30 000 2 bed terrace, why do people pretend auction guide prices are actual prices?
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