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  1. car prices didn't go down did they old bean

  2. This is never going to end. Politicians are going to ruin us all becasue of a few pieces of paper, some bricks, and a total lack of decency. The more we learn about MPs expenses the more disgusting it becomes.
  3. You mean they are better than us? They've been better for the last ten years. And in another ten years, they'll be out of sight.
  4. We recieved an email about this at work. The scammers wait until you put the PIN in, switch off the screen, then you walk into the bank to get help, they walk up to the screen, switch it on and get the cash.
  5. I thought Dan1 posted a great peice of information, and the silly numpties here having a go because he took his time to make it realistic should try shutting it. Maybe they're bank employees...
  6. Did you say interest rates? The problem is that interest rates will have to rise to attract investors who have to fund our huge borrowing requirement. It is expected that those in negative equity will see their variable mortgage rates rise to 9% in the next 12 months. When that happens people will struggle to repay their mortgages. Green shoots may wither if we get a late frost. That frost is a cut in public spending and rising interest rates. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8025856.stm
  7. The numpty who made the decision to destroy those homes should be prosecuted, and jailed.
  8. In Tokyo it's even better, people live in a space the size of a single bed, literally. Maybe we, the UK populace, could go back to living in caves. Would that make Kirsty happy? As for globalisation, surely you mean the absurd exploitation of the world by corporations, as that's all it's good for.
  9. Can't Gordon bail them out? Tax payers money to pay BTL landlords when scummy renters default.
  10. There is no need to be rude/offensive to other posters. Please refrain Wealthy.
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