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  1. Uk seems to have dropped a few places (5) since the last check of the facts. I agree with those who see the current non-repo phenomenon as a combination of low interest rates helping some homeowners to hang on and the reluctance of UK plc. to realize the losses that would arise from repo properties flooding the market.
  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=ah7iujnjVo8o&pos=2 You and your labour cronies have until the election.
  3. Thats the problem with making up a website name for the sake of a joke... they invariably do exist. richyc, I have a theory that your exposure to gold may be quite high.
  4. I think my site will be past its sell by date well before then. But there are always those who can never tell when the party is nearly over.
  5. Dont have anything against people making money but I am beginning to hope that perpetual rampers are left with some very expensive bricks when this yellow bubble bursts. Are you expecting fiat armaggedon? Electronic gold wouldnt survive that and chocolate coins would be more useful to have lying around instead of gold. Or perhaps youre expecting to sell just before the top? It will be interesting to see how wide an exit there is and who will be allowed through. Please visit my site at www.GoldPriceCrash.coma.tose/adnauseum
  6. Well even the public understand what AAA rated means now; they may have to introduce a higher benchmark. Like the razor company who have decided that if you want to keep selling razors you gotta just keep adding blades.
  7. Yeah, sorry, went a little off topic there. Anyway, back to pontificating about the use of the word 'correct'.
  8. So is your point that with 0.5% IR and £185bn QE support they are 'correct for now' ? Like saying the above average murder rate in my town is normal because of the high population of serial killers in the neighbourhood. I think that NuLaBoE are making sure that the heart attack patient leaves ICU before giving them the hospital bill. I also think they are junior dance partner to the US. If the US is hinting at lifting their foot off the rescue pedal then we may not be far behind. The next election date may well be determined by favourable economic events.
  9. He is a one dimensional, self centred muppet: Not a peep when low interest rates were helping to create the bubble. Wheeled in by Heeby-GB to sustain the low interest environment. The government appointers must have realized that his ego would thrive on being the outspoken loner.
  10. A few of these just in case the economy is toast.
  11. I was just wondering how the HPC audience would respond (a variation appeared on CNN money).
  12. My Year on Year Prediction based on Nationwide September09 to February10 :- hover around the +-1% mark... March10 to August10 :- consistent falls pointing below the -15% mark.
  13. Perhaps it's because people who invest in shares are gambling to make money; while buying a home is mostly about a place to live. I do sympathize with these 'idiots' but I still need them to fail otherwise the prices don't come down.
  14. Woah! Cigar smoking extrovert, willing to put the country before the party.
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