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  1. Well I've sold up, cheers Rhodium you've been very generous. If these corona virus inspired price drops continue I'll have a look at some other precious metals. Silver and Platinum are currently winning the race to the bottom but if Rhodium drops back down to 2016 prices I'm definitely back in.
  2. Rhodium's now over $11,000 and the line on the price chart is almost vertical. It's very hard to exit when these price jumps are going on, but I've seen how this story goes over on the bubbly bitcoin thread in the house price forum.
  3. I know there's high demand for rhodium and palladium in the car industry but these price jumps are crazy. There must be investors adding to this.
  4. And now £6300! It looks like it could break it's previous records pretty soon.
  5. Wow it's really flying high now. It has to be affecting the price of the cars that use it in their catalytic converters - new and used. https://www.miningmx.com/opinion/metal-heads/39048-rhodium-in-fourth-major-price-surge-in-history-as-above-ground-stocks-diminish/
  6. Now over £4000/oz and the price rises are accelerating. The current spike in the rhodium charts is mirroring the early stages of the previous spike 2004 - 2008. I have no idea how long this will continue and am trying to work out when to sell. If the price continues to shoot up towards the previous ATH I should sell before it beats the previous high as the crash will be swift. If some of the other PM's crash while Rh is still rising I would probably sell and buy them instead. Does anyone else have an exit strategy?
  7. Rhodium's price continues to rise and this could be the start of a bubble, especially with $600/oz increase this month. My reasoning behind this is... 1. Historical charts show there have been several spikes in the price since the 1970's. https://www.kitco.com/charts/historicalrhodium.html so maybe we're due another one. 2. Not many people are aware of Rhodium but thanks to the internet more eyes are on it now. 3. Also due to the internet it is much easier to invest in Rhodium than in the past. 4. I am massively biased and want the above to be true.
  8. Kitco does a Rhodium Pool Account.
  9. Now selling for $2400/oz on Bairds. I can't find any info explaining why this is. Maybe it's a speculative bubble.
  10. You are wasting your time and money with this bitcoin nonsense. Bitcoin has had it's day in the sun and you have missed the boat. Take my advice and get out while you still can.
  11. Not sure if anyone visits this part of the site anymore but I thought this thread was worth resurrecting considering the recent price rise in Rhodium. I bought some last year, simply because the price was very low. Since then it has almost doubled in price and has really shot up over the last month. Has anyone here any idea why this is now happening? Dare I dream of the $10,000/oz of mid 2008?
  12. Reading between the lines in that report, I got the impression the guy that lives on the ghost estate wants Clanmill to talk to him so that he can sell them his house and cut his losses.
  13. Just like the real Titanic some will nobly go down with the ship, while others will do whatever it takes to get on a lifeboat.
  14. there can only be 1 padjo!

    (were you at the College?)

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