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  1. I'm off to watch the telly it's more fun than this load of old nonsense!
  2. The RICS provide the UK Housing Market Review, which is really useful for trends in house prices. Their website is a fanatastic resource for all things property. See: www.rics.org You can also get most of the information their members can get too if you become an RICS Affiliate. You can join for around a £100. Have a look at the website that covers this: http://www.rics.org/RICSWEB/Affiliates/index.aspx You get a feed of information, a journal, discounts, networking services...etc...
  3. You sound exactly the kind of person I am trying to avoid when I sit in my wood...
  4. Are there woods in Portugal. I think I might buy one and hide there...it seems easier!
  5. Convenient! I saw a lot of woodland in the Ukraine going very cheaply some time ago... Canada too. Bit tricky going for the weekend though!
  6. No with www.ancientwoodland.com you get a deed of transfer and the land is registered at the Land Registry - with a covenent that gives you the right to wander over the whole wood.
  7. Is money the root of all evil? Is life a beech and then you die? Or does elm have no fury like a woman scorned....? You were right you know! I'll go now!
  8. This is true in certain instances. You don't pay VAT on it either...or stamp duty for something as cheap as £5,000.
  9. At last a sensible comment! In the middle ages people used to do this as a matter of course...rather than depleting resources they grew what they needed and the woods were healthier for it. Most woods you can see where they used to coppice them...it always ends about 30-50 years ago...when we started to be wasteful. We need to start thinking more like this and stop being a throw awy society!
  10. In your opinion! No you can't live on it but you can camp and have endless fun, letting your kids run free like I used to be able to do before the onset of kiddy fiddlers! Yes you can sell the wood...although I wouldn't. People pay £5,000 for a two week holiday but can't live there and can't sell the furniture - yet still go! People buy cars for £5,000 but can't officially live in them (although some have!) and wouldn't generally sell the seats or would risk spoiling the car.... Why has there got to be an immediate return on everything...why noy just enjoy it!? Boy I give up. Where is the joy in your life? Go off and buy some clouds - you can't live on them either or sell the cloud as cotton wool!
  11. I think you are just being provocative for the sake of it! You can light fires...in fact it is one of the benefits....normally you can't when you camp on other people's land! You can sell the wood - although I wouldn't want to...and for the small amount of money involved I think it is the best investment you could make - a life time of camping, watching wildlife...for £5,000 - it's a snip baby!
  12. I think you are talking nonsense! I work for the RICS and I have access to alot more information on land than most people. It's a brilliant idea. I can't understand why everyone thinks they know everything about everything...it's about the price of everything and the value of nothing. The benefit is that for £5,000 you get a wood to enjoy for ever.... a lot more than your average stocks and shares will ever give you! I give up!
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