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  1. I got in between $0.30 and $0.70. Link is the only game in town right now.
  2. It makes you feel much more connected to the city. There are so many more layers to discover.
  3. Don't forget the Overground. It's pretty decent these days and due to run all night by the end of the year. London's transport infrastructure is amazing, with or without Uber. Hey, you can always walk. Back in the day, there was many a time I did 6-7 miles home after clubbing. Inevitable Uber's users would go into meltdown. Hilarious really. #snowflakes
  4. Still for sale... http://allsop-auctions.co.uk/1DAM-4X971-946Z6A1MEC/cr.aspx
  5. Had a quick glimpse. Hard to tell. Still a lot of silly money about, apparently.
  6. Being Editor of the Evening Standard probably requires the attention span of a newt. And will involve about 2 hours work per week, mostly likely. Of course he's qualified.
  7. "Freehold. Please note that a service charge is collected. Please refer to the legal pack for further details." OK, here we go again. The old service charge bullshizz. Service charge on a freehold property? FOH.
  8. Amazing! Incredible! Stunning! Exactly what I've been searching for... said no one ever.
  9. "BY ORDER OF NOTTING HILL SALES, PART OF NOTTING HILL HOME OWNERSHIP" Parent company is Notting Hill Housing Trust. Interesting. It's gonna get tough for some of these housing associations.
  10. House sellers 'should pay stamp duty' "Stamp duty should be a tax on property sellers, rather than buyers, to help those trying to buy their first home, a major UK building society has said. The Yorkshire Building Society said that nearly three-quarters of first-time buyers now paid the tax, compared with just over half in 2006. Many more buyers were being drawn into the tax as house prices rose but the threshold remained the same."
  11. A very encouraging sign. That said, it's all about the service charge, though.
  12. Shows how desperate they are.
  13. I am old enough to remember the crash in the 90s. IT WAS SAVAGE. In Kensington & Chelsea ex-council properties sold for £4k. In Hull houses were bought and sold in the pub. A solicitor would be at a table and it was done right there. No searches, no surveys, no exchanges, no EAs, no bullsh!t; you wanna buy it or not? What I'm saying is a real crash affects all areas and all properties. Properties can't sell because no-one's got the money. That said, my personal wish is to see all these places with kitchens in the living room "open plan living" hit the wall at a million miles per hour.
  14. Oh to be a fly on the wall in one of Foxton's offices right now. My reaction would go something like this:
  15. Well now, this could become a really good story **grabs popcorn** When they say completions had fallen by more than 50%, I wonder if they mean London in general or just Barratt Homes?
  16. Eh, I think I have just about all the apps I need. They won't be getting much money out of me.
  17. No, but I'm hearing a Purple Bricks radio advert all the time.
  18. Hell naw! Only mentioned it because Abbey Wood will have Crossrail. One for the BTL brigade.
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