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  1. Private sector should strike next week to demand parity with the pubic sector.
  2. Don't forget that the life expectancy of an American timber framed / "luminium sidings" house is approx 40 years. Hurricanes and critters permitting. (It's a brick facade - check the window sill depths on internal pics) Aircon for a house that size will not be cheap either. Property taxes yes, but on the plus side no state income tax. Medical and dental insurance is high - for a family with kids it could easily exceed your current UK deductions combined. And you have life time individual, policy and single occurance claim limitations. So not suprisingly the cost of property in a locale tends to reflect the local cost of living, employment opportunities and rates of renumeration.
  3. Hmmm. Current discount is 10% for a property that is occupied for perhaps 50% of the year which sounds like a pretty good deal for the council in terms of the costs of providing services for said occupants. Please also note that many 'second homes' are holiday homes paying small business rates, not council tax, which central government has reduced to less than the applicable council tax to encourage small businesses because tourism is extremely important to Cornwall's economy. But I think you're confusing the morality of someone choosing to spend their money on a second home instead of an extension on their own home or frequent foreign holidays with the need to raise local taxes at the minimum of cost to the council, but that's your prerogative. By all means call for the doubling of council tax on second/holiday homes but I doubt it will make much difference to the overall tax take and bear in mind that you should probably be calling for the doubling of small business rates anyway.
  4. And while you're at it and depending on location you should also always check the area for sinkholes, mining activity and previous industrial usage. You'd be amazed at what's under our feet.
  5. Makes sense - there are a lot of seven foot wide people around.
  6. If you need a season ticket go and buy it now. Purchased 6 month season ticket for my son to get to school and saved a little over £50. Guy in front of us (London commute) saved almost £400.
  7. But if it gets trucks off the roads and the freight on to trains it will make savings else where. Everything has a silver lining.
  8. Could you expand upon this? "a road which is restricted to open plan building, the fence had to be ripped out "
  9. Surely that should read 'Certainly the few good jobs available will go to the intelligent who have been educated, may also be rich, and who have been to university'. Last time I checked being rich didn't guarantee intelligence. However, I suspect there is a fairly strong correlation between being intelligent and being rich.
  10. You need to aquaint yourself with the housing defects legislation. Defects were discovered in what are termed non-traditional houses that were designed and built prior to the 1960s Some of the designs had defects related to the use of steel in their construction. The designs were later collectively designated as defective under the housing defects legislation. Some councils have performed some amazing remediation works on their defective housing stoock (most of it was council owned housing) but I doubt it was cheap. Personally I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole but do your own research.
  11. Belgium Ireland Greece Portugal Italy Greece (2nd time) Spain
  12. It's pretty easy to work out where we're heading. Take the sum total of the planets wealth in terms of resources and divide it by the number of people who want a share of those resources. Compare the result with the share you already have to see if you're going to be a net gainer or loser.
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