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  1. This is quite clearly the fault of the banksters.
  2. Inert gas based system? I'm ignorant on these things but it does seem surprising that a building of that size would just burn. Then again, a few years ago that warehouse in South London containing art works burnt down, but then I prefer to think that the fire supression system had developed sufficient machine intelligence to decide that, on reflection and factoring Tracy Emin's stuff into the equation, the right thing to do was just to say fvck it and let the crap burn.
  3. Forgive the cliche, but disrespect is earnt. By the way, can you name he who cannot be named? If not, why not - is this some kind of cult?
  4. Yes, it would be reasonable to assume that such a distribution centre might have a fire suppression system, given the value of the contents, or if only for HSE/Building regs.. Some of these buildings do burn down very easily. Cheap carpet warehouses in poorly maintained victorian buildings, maybe. Sony distribution centre...
  5. That's easy for you to say mate! I've got another 3 dozen boards to turf, plus I have to polish Dave's leather chair so his **** doesn't stick to it in the morning (he does get sweaty on these occasions, you know).
  6. Agreed, I might not be here were the BoE #disinfo-congroup4 paying me. On the other hand I may just be bored and the local chippy/pub/24hrgarage has just burnt down.
  7. Hang on, now I am being thick. Whilst trying to l2read, I seem to have encountered problems with l2economics - I come up with l2economicsisnotaverb, which I do not understand. Maybe I need to l2think about whether all the l2stuff is just l2horseshit. Hang on, l2horseshitisnotaverb either..
  8. Oh, by the way, I love the l2... stuff, really great to show you are up on the whole internet, web slang thing. Shows you are "on it". Must be like having an ip address tattooed on your foreskin I suppose.
  9. It is amusing that you, and perhaps I, might think we are important enough to attract "astroturfing". Hilarious, but also very common groupthink in these environments - arguments with which the group disagrees must be astroturf. Precisely the same logic (and intellectual level) as a playground taunt. It makes you feel better, but is ultimately a symptom of stupidity. Anyway, once again to provide an explanation for those who are mentally slow: The reason why human life is cheap is that it is plentiful. It is provided to us without limit. But you clearly have not thought about that. And a polite request - most of your posts appear to be essentially without content, or otherwise simply pointless - would you be able to provide something of substance?
  10. My sincerest apologies, I had not realised your intellectual level. So I will explain it, as anything beyond the most simple and obvious is beyond your comprehension. Human life is cheap. Property is not cheap. The events in London are targeted against property, not (as yet) human life. This is a forum about property (not about human life). Re-read this post carefully, as it will assist you in the future.
  11. It is disappointing to see you resort to the sixth form tactic of simply mirroring rhetoric onto your opponent (now I am sentimental, I deny that humans are animal). You should aim higher, if you can.
  12. Pity is not something one may accept or reject. And you quite clearly are to be pitied. Human life is cheap, had you not realised that? It is amongst the cheapest of all commodities, in fact it is only its cheapness that differentiates it from other animal life.
  13. Ah yes, the now trite and lazy assertion that it was all the fault of "the banksters" (oh how droll, the eliding of banker and gangster, so clever it must be true). Except that it is not true. Venality, greed, stupidity runs through the population, without exception. Not all of the population are behave like your friends on the streets tonight. In any other animal population, individuals behaving like this would be driven out, if not killed. It is only your sentimentality that prevents that. It is understandable, it is the psychological means by which you deny that, you yourself, are an animal. However it is also wrong, and you will realise that, one day perhaps.
  14. Again, spare us your sentimentality. You are part of the cause, not the solution.
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