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  1. I've noticed that too. But prices don't seem to have gone up.
  2. If you are then I am too. Last time around my mother was out of work for 5 years. It was utterly soul destroying. She has never bought a house, never been in a position to. There are plenty more like her. When the recession hit it wasn't just smug property owners who had the smiles wiped off their face. Should it happen tomorrow many of those smug gits will ride it out - they might have to make cut backs but they won't run out of electricity 3 days before the dole cheque arrives. It's the never-have-had-muches that get shafted when things go wrong. I'm not about to wish for a recession
  3. These areas have been ramped up by unaffordable prices in Bath. Seeing as Bath isn't exactly a property hotspot these days - it stands to reason that property prices are going to struggle. Plus there are hundreds of new builds in Corsham... If I'd bought in Melksham/Trowbridge a couple of years back having been priced out of Bath I'd be selling up and moving back sharpish...
  4. Depends on where/if the warnings are published. I'm thinking here about two people I work with. Both quite young (one very) and on pretty poor salaries. They have both stretched themselves to the max to buy new build flats on near 100% mortgages and are absolutely convinced that they have made sound investments, because house prices only ever go up, rent is dead money, blah blah ad nauseum. If prices fall it will be them crying at their desks. One of them's a complete **** so I don't care quite frankly - in fact I'm kind of willing it to happen (but that's anpther story), but the other is v
  5. No, I wasn't after bling. But having checked out that link I could afford a BMW Roadster at a push. Might be worth it just to piss off/out-motor Mr Vicster But I love him and it would be (expensive and) wrong.... Laurejon; As a government (as opposed to Capita) recruitment specialist don't get me started. not about to get feisty about those - all I can say is that after too many years of shitty, low-paid private sector crap I am very, very grateful that I finally seem to have one. And yes i'll get shirty if anyone tries to take it away...
  6. Buying Bear - aware that we are now seriously OT... Thinking about how much an old Polo at £3k is going to depreciate over three years, and how nice it would be to drive a *new* car, any links much appreciated Did Google but I'm a bit bewildered.
  7. That's ace! I'd been thinking about spending a few grand on a used Polo or something - but actuall Ling might be the answer... Thanks
  8. Why would it? Its not as if Bird Flu Road is going to be right next to No Flu Road (not to be confised with No Through Road) Until birds can get mortgages I can't see it having any effect on the market. Although if I was buying a free range chicken farm I might hold back a bit...
  9. I especially liked this bit: although: You don't say!?! And oh dear...
  10. We rarely if ever talk about house prices where I work. More likely to be what was on TV last night - "The Nation's Fattest Pets" or "Celebrities On Ice" (sadly not about premature cryogenics....). Not sure what's worse, to be honest
  11. Not dismissing people (or wishing them dead) on the basis of to whom they were born is *not* the same as moral relativism. There are many elements of other cultures that I find abhorrent - I certainly don't "treasure" them. What alarms me is the ease with which people happily claim to hate an entire ethnic group - now that is abhorrent. I'm glad that others here have spoken out against it - "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" and all that.
  12. Couldn't agree more. There's a really unpleasant petit bourgeois (sp?) snobbery about, which seem to me to be based on people's completely misguided view of where they themselves fit in the socio-economic hierarchy (below me, natch). Food for thought indeed. You're a Smell after my own heart
  13. My sentiments exactly. I am appalled at how acceptable it's become to be well, racist. Whilst I'm aware that racial prejudice remains an issue, until a couple of years ago I thought we'd grown out of the worst of this revolting trait.
  14. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth...758#post1917758
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