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  1. If these relatives of yours are as boastful as it appears, then they must be in desperate straits to be approaching you for money. I'd rather go to the races or play the lottery, better chance of getting your money back.
  2. The end to dual income debt slaves. So one parent can stay at home and raise normal children who don't have the urge to go around shanking other children.
  3. My family has Gold to thank for preserving wealth, when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong all the paper money became worthless overnight, my Grandparents had some of their money in gold bars which they hid in the wooden beams of their house, it was this store of value that helped them get back on their feet after the occupation when most people had nothing left.
  4. Sure its "L" shaped, I think 2 maybe 3 "L's" one after the other, bit like a staircase downwards.
  5. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/420003/nati...5-tracker-mort/ Who in their right mind would think this is a "hot" deal? Reading the comments would suggest lots do.
  6. It's quite a novelty being able to buy fresh lobster and crabs from Billingsgate in the mornings (dirt cheap too), but seriously there is too much development in Canary Wharf as it is, anyone whose bought there in the last 3/4 years will be pooing their pants looking at the new developments coming up all around them.
  7. I suspect all of it was sold off plan at least 2-3 years back with a "rush" to buy. So many are now trying wriggle out of these bad investments 50% of buyers have formed a buyers association to get out of their contracts. They bet, they got it wrong, now they don't want to pay.
  8. They completed because they had to, no wriggling out of their contracts. Reading the comments looks like one douchebag covered his deposit with 40K on credit cards, is already 10% negative equity and is living at home cos he lost his job at citibank. Financially astute.
  9. I wonder how the markets will react to this? +6%?
  10. I guess nobodies laughing at the choice of YELL this morning for sure.
  11. You are asking fellow human beings not to be greedy, that's like me asking my dog not to eat dog food.
  12. I knew it, every internet forum is populated with a significant number of train geeks.
  13. The Dr's Surgery has been there at 350k for months.... I'm tempted to call the EA about the Oakbury Road one and offer £226.5k exactly.....
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