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  1. Teen conception rates are falling. It's the over 30's that are having the kids in the UK these days...I'm not sure how long one is expected to 'wait' to have a family since biology kind of limits the options once you get over 35. As for single 'chav' teens going out and having kid after kid as a 'lifestyle' choice.. the evidence suggests otherwise. Some on this thread may want to modify their assumptions, and stereotypes.. especially as to who exactly it is having the 'unaffordable' kids these days. So might Mr Cameron actually.
  2. Young children playing in the street.. tsk tsk.. whatever next !!! I guess we can only hope they'll be confined to playing on the computer or their dsi's or even better, sat in front of the telly for 8 hours a day so that the 5 year olds get to 'know their boundries'.
  3. Try the 'View New Content' link. All forum software has to be updated from time to time to keep up with better online security, update features etc. Unfortunately the last IPB incarnation (2.0 +) was 2 years old.. 2 years is a long time on the internet so change is inevitable ( to 3.0 ). My host for my own forums is reluctant to offer full support unless the latest stable version is installed complete with up to date security patches etc. I'm not sure my users will like it either, but it's got to be done,
  4. How awful. This happened to us too. We moved in and next day I opened up the door to an estate agent and 4 viewers. Lettings Agency had been told it was off the market, EA had no idea it had been let. Landlord trying to have it both ways. I allowed, at great inconvienence to myself and family, ONE viewing. But when the EA started phoning me up twice a day trying to make appointments for more I just ignored them. Finally the Landlord emailed me himself and said it was in my contract to allow them and that I should be greatful that himself and the EA were willing to negotiate 'time slots' with me. I told him ( politely ) that since it seemed we would be out on our arses in 6 months anyway, that I wasn't doing any more. Said his contract regarding viewings wasn't legally enforceable and that I just didn't want to hassle for something, that ultimately, was of absolutely no benefit whatsoever to myself and my family. He could wait until we were out and then do all the viewings he liked ! I haven't heard a peep from the EA since, and the landlord after the 6 months were up, renewed our lease for another 9 months. There hadn't been much interest ( strangely ).. once potential buyers learnt they couldn't get in to look round. So whatever you decide to do, don't get bullied into accepting viewers if it's not a convienient time or even just too much hassle for you. Good luck, it is crap when this happens.
  5. A tenant is paying for the privilidge of calling the property their 'own place'. That's what the rent money is for. As for showing people round your HOME, too right it spoils quiet enjoyment. How many complete strangers have you had nosing round your home in the last 6 months ? And if I want to leave my dirty dishes in the sink, or kids toys strewn from one end of the house to the other in my 'own place' then that's what I'll do. I personally wouldn't take any notice of a Clean and Tidy clause. It's just there as a bit of 'fluff' to make you aware that the landlord expects to get the property back in more or less the same condition that he let it in. As for viewings, personally, I don't allow them. Far too much hassle and of no benefit whatsoever to me.
  6. Means testing for reproductive suitabilty then ? Must earn over xxx per annum to 'qualify' to have a bonk ( since contraception isn't 100% effective ) or forced terminations for those on benefits Children only for the well off ? Not sure where this argument is going on this thread. I've had 5 kids. Been at all ends of the spectrum from a pregnant 16 year old who missed a few pills, to a 21 year old who's good for nothing husband decided to bugger off when I was 8 months gone with my second.. married again and at 37 years old I was planning my last baby with military precision ( as was my husband with his vasectomy lol ! ) Finances, whatever they were at the time, I got by. It was a secondary consideration when the pregnancy test came up positive. Morals then come first and foremost into play for everyone. To be perfectly frank, the one time we felt that we 'couldn't' afford a child, and no, we weren't on benefits, I went through with a termination. I'll live with that and my eternal regrets to my dying day. I shudder to think how many nowadays have to make the choice between continuing with a pregnancy or losing their home because they can't afford to go down to one wage. I prefer to think that my kids ranging from 21 years old to my 1 year old will be future tax payers and productive decent citizens. I hope between myself and my husband we're bringing them up to know that work and damn hard work is how people get on in life ( at the moment it seems not always in terms of affording a decent home.. but I'm hoping that will change ! ). Would I be financially better off without them. Yes. Emotionally. No.
  7. That made me laugh !!! That's exactly what it looked like. All those 'guest bedrooms' all with 'en-suites'. And yes he did look sheepish.. he told Kev he couldn't remember how much they'd spent. As you do
  8. violator


    Doing a bit of browsing at the 'high end' and well there's £500,000 off the 'overs over' on this one ? Half a million, blimey !!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-202...=1&tr_t=buy
  9. violator


    I don't have any anecdotals I'm afraid... but here's one that's gone from fixed price to 'offers invited'... ( a taste of things to come ? ). http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-216...se&tr_t=buy Everything else seems to be 'stuck'. Nothing moving. Has the Kilwinning Move 2 closed down as all their listings on Property Bee seem to have changed to the Saltcoats office ? I had loads of navy blue 'changes' when I checked earlier and it was all Agent Office changes.
  10. Can't believe how judgemental and how easily on this site some are drawn in to post stereotypical comments like big snobby 'have's' looking down from great heights passing judgement on 'chavs' and 'scum'. I come here for enlightened views on house prices and looking to the future. Instead, I think I've gone back 100 years for women on threads like this... Oh really !!!!????? And who are you to judge ? News for you mate.. it takes two to tango, and I don't see you telling the dad that he shouldn't have been 'dipping his wick' either. Which of course, he shouldn't have been if he didn't intend sticking around. When was the last time you crossed yours ? Or is it only those with a few grand in the bank allowed to have sex now since no form of contraception is 100 % reliable. Hope that's not news to you either. Get real. Very few single parents are single through choice I think you'll find. :angry:
  11. I read this thread the other day. By chance, because I like historical stuff, I bought a book written about the old 'workhouses' the day after ( 'Shadows of the Workhouse') . This paragraph in particular struck me.. This paragraph also : Working for dole money ? Not quite the workhouse. But the same set of problems remains to be solved, I don't think they can be without going backwards 100 years. Not sure I'd personally want that. If there is a huge recession looming, not sure where all these 'idle' and 'workshy' will be 'working' anyway. Jobs will be scarce for everyone surely ? Where are they all going to go and work ?
  12. Came across this on Gumtree Glasgow yesterday which seems to be along the same idea. No properties as yet.. Lease2keys Sorry I haven't had time to read all the blurb.
  13. Think they just go onto their orginal lender's SVR rate. Reposession wouldn't happen until they'd missed a few of those, court etc..
  14. violator


    15k off this one. Reduced from £205,000 to £189,995. Been on since Jan. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-190...se&tr_t=buy 14k off this one. Reduced from 169000, to 155,000. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-216...se&tr_t=buy Just also had an email off the landlord we're renting with. I recently drew a halt to any more viewings taking place as we were getting phone calls from the EA every few days asking when they could show folks round and we've only just moved in. He's very polite and while understands that this is now our home for as long as we are renting it.. that he is keen to keep marketing the property as due to the current climate he anticipates that the property may take a long time to sell.
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