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  1. I dont think we will see exponential growth in Uranium. Fuel for nuclear reactors isn't like burning fossil fuels - much of the Uranium in used fuel can be recovered through re-processing. There was a report last year that estimated if we continue mining uranium at the current rate for the next 20 years there would be enough stocks to meet world demand for hundreds of years.
  2. Thats not just 4x4 owners, the top band is pretty much most cars with a petrol engine of 2 litres or over!
  3. I was recently on a business trip abroad and there was a lot of coverage on the news about a massive muslim protest outside Westminster Cathedral against the catholic church. Some of the signes held up at the protest were very inflamatory and there were accusations of threats of violance from the protestors. Despite all this no arrests were made and there are now accusations against the Met for having double standads as other lesser religious protests have led to arrests. Anyway, this is getting loads of air time on the news abroad but I hadn't heard anything of this on the news in this cou
  4. Yes, its clearly only a temporary situation but the new pipeline is a considerable increase in the capacity to import gas so it would seem that the probability of a gas shortage is less than it was this time last year.
  5. Very interesting but I'm not sure that there will be a gas shortage. Gas traders start giving it away
  6. Good lord! When the public hear about this everybody will be drinking tea - prices will rocket. I'm going down to the shop to get some PG tips before I miss the boat.
  7. I was just looking into this in the area of Bristol I am looking in. Transactions are down over 50% YOY and it is definately down to a shortage of supply - not much mew stuff coming to market and everything else has already sold. I've mentioned this to a few people at work and everyone agrees the shortage of supply is down to the fact that people are finding it difficult to move up to bigger houses so they're staying put.
  8. Prices have gone up a lot this year in the area I am looking in (about 10% increase), I am told that there are lots of investors buying. I cant understand why though, 2 bed houses seem to be going for around £165k but they only rent out at £650 per month, there is little or no chance of making any money from the rent after agents fees etc.
  9. Not all councils will remove wasps nests for free, I know for a fact that Bristol City Council charge (but then they seem to charge extra for everything).
  10. I dont know if the jobs will be PPI or not but I would be very surprised if none of the jobs are PPI (I expect most would be given the types of jobs that are moving). Also a lot of the job cuts at the MOD have been achived through natural wasteage and early retirements, not really the sorts of people looking to buy their first house.
  11. It wasn't that widely publicised in the press but the MOD (a major employer in the area) will be moving approximatly 2000 jobs from various locations around the country to Bristol. Of course, not all people will decide to move with their job but there will still be a lot of people/families looking for houses around Bristol many of them with relocation allowances to spend. This will all happen between now and 2008 and I expect it will provide support to the housing market around Bristol during that timeframe.
  12. I think half of the problem in Bristol is that there isn't much coming on the market at the moment. I've been getting email updates from rightmove for varoius areas around north Bristol and they usually only have 1 or 2 properties on there, normally there would be many more than this. Also, I havent seen many for sale signes lately on my drive to work, ther would normally be at least 5 or 6.
  13. Poor pensoiners? Nonsense. The only pensioners that are poor are the ones who aren't claiming all the benifits they are entitled to, there are millions in unpaid benifits every year. My gran was poor so the government gave her a free flat, no council tax to pay and £200 per week in pensions and benifits + winter fuel allowance. I dont begrudge pensioners of this money but asking for more is just plain cheeky. In any case, I dont see how it is a hardship spending £35 per week on shopping. After payed my taxes, my student loans, pension and saving for a house etc etc I only have £25 per we
  14. Bristol city council are a joke. I live in a shared house with 4 other adults so we do generate a lot of waste each week (mainly food packaging). Normally we fill our 240 litre bin to the brim every week. Now they will collect the 25 litre food bin every week and the large bin every other week. So that means we go from having 240 litres of rubbish removed every week to an average of 145 litres of rubbish removed. Somehow we will need to find somewhere to put the other 95 litres of rubbish every week. Somehow I dont think its all going to fit in the tiny recycling boxes they have given us
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